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Council Patch Program

Patches and Kits

Patch programs are a great way to explore a wide variety of topics. Click on the title of each patch program to download the requirements. After completing the patch program, use the evaluation form link below to electronically provide feedback on your experience.

For your convenience you can submit your patch order using the link below.  A member of the retail will reach out to you to process your order. Alternately, you may visit any council retail store to purchase patches.

Click here to complete the evaluation and/or submit a program patch order.  

Have a question? Email our Program Team!


American Patriotism (Brownie – Ambassador) Girls will learn more about our national flag, our country’s freedom, and why we should be proud to be Americans.  



Amphibian & Reptiles (All) This fun and active patch program will help Girl Scouts learn about amphibians and reptiles while understanding how the environment is important for them to live.  

black history

Black History Month (All) Helping girls learn more about African American history, culture, and notable contributions. 

We're accepting suggestions for additional activities and a new patch design for the Black History Month patch program.  Click here  to submit your activity or patch design suggestions. All suggestions must be submitted by March 31, 2021. New design and additional activities will be shared August 2021. 


Camping Adventures (All) This patch program encourages Girl Scouts to visit all four of our beautiful camp properties in the Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines footprint.  Girls will spend at least one night at each camp property in any available sleeping accommodation on a troop camping trip.  


Commitment to Caring (All) This patch program was developed in partnership with the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association. It provides girls the opportunity to establish positive relationships with residents of nursing homes in their community.  



Delta Dental Smile Squad (All) Use your creativity and Girl Scouting skills to learn how your mouth links to your overall health and well-being. Review good dental habits, try an oral health experiment, discover how hidden sugars can damage your teeth, and learn about the importance of brushing twice a day and reading every day for a healthy body and mind. Master the topics to earn your patch and join Delta Dental’s Smile Squad! 



Different Shoe Day (All) Through this patch program, girls will complete activities that celebrate diversity and while exploring new customs and ideas. Girls will also participate in Different Shoe Day! This patch can be earned more than once.  


Discovering Hispanic Heritage (All) This patch program is designed to help Girl Scouts of all cultures develop an understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic/Latin American culture through Discover, Connect and Take Action.  

beyond today

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (All)  When girls have earned this patch, they’ll have developed an appreciation of the uniqueness and commonalities of themselves and others, and the rich diversity of various cultures in their community and in the world. Girls will also deepen their understanding and respect for people who may be different from them and learn how to better relate to others. 
Girl Scout Daisies/Brownies
Girl Scout Juniors
Girl Scout Cadettes
Girl Scout Seniors/Ambassadors



Exploring North Carolina (Brownie – Ambassador) This patch program is designed to increase girls’ knowledge of our state, its history, and resources. It offers a variety of fun activities and travel opportunities across the state.  


Girl Scout Birthday Week (All) The activities in this patch program have been inspired by a combination of many different facets of the Girl Scout organization, including: celebration of Girl Scout Week, GSUSA Curriculum, NC Coastal Pines’ Spirit Week, and other Girl Scout traditions.  Girls will demonstrate their pride in being a member of the world’s largest organization for girls.  

gs at home

Girl Scouting at Home (All) We’re inviting parents/caregivers, volunteers and troop co-leaders to utilize the resources available through Girl Scouting at Home to help girls explore program activities from home, including badgework, Journeys, virtual classes, and more. We like to think that Girl Scouting never stops and with our Girl Scouting at Home patch program it doesn’t have to! 


gs home adults

Girl Scouting at Home (Adults) We’re inviting parents/caregivers, volunteers, and troop co-leaders to dive into the resources available through Girl Scouting at Home to explore virtual programming. You can utilize the activities, badgework, meetings, trainings, and more on their own or as a complement to the face-to-face Girl Scout experience. And guess what!?! You can complete our first adult council patch program at the same time. 



Girl Scouts Give (All) Girls will learn ways to be a philanthropist, how to be a sister to every Girl Scout, why donating to Girl Scouts is important, and how to use things they’re doing every day to create good.
Girl Scout Daisies/Brownies/Juniors
Girl Scout Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors



Hand-in-Hand Helping Others (All) This patch program is designed to help Girl Scouts become more aware of the United Way and its meaning and importance to our communities.  

home grown

Home Grown in North Carolina (All) Girls will learn about locally grown products in North Carolina by gaining a greater awareness of how the North Carolina Department of Agriculture works, including the county and state fair system. This program is fun and exciting, as girls are encouraged to participate in our state’s home-grown goodness by going to a local or state fair and eating locally grown fruits and vegetables.  


Hurricane Awareness (All) This patch program helps girls living along the coast to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm while offering all Girl Scouts the opportunity to increase their hurricane knowledge and provide support to their Girl Scout sisters.  


Make Every Dance Step Count (All) Have fun and get energized as your troop grooves through the world of dance! This patch program will introduce your troop to dance from around the world. Learn about the moves to help keep your body fit, flexible, and in shape. The program includes dance steps to learn, stretches you can do, and is a great way to get your troop up and moving.  


Make Every Step Count (All) Create awareness, and help your girls start making healthier choices today that they can follow for a lifetime. The program includes activities that educate Girl Scouts on physical fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. Each participant will need a pedometer to wear that will count their steps. Get stepping! 
Girl Scout Daisies/Brownies/Juniors
Girl Scout Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors


my nc story

My North Carolina Story (Brownie - Ambassador) This patch program was developed in partnership with the North Carolina Museum of History. Girls will dig into their own history through stories of family, community, and North Carolina as a whole.  


North Carolina American Indians (All) This patch program honors the history of North Carolina American Indians, but also educates Girl Scouts on modern American Indians. Girl Scouts of all ages can work through the activities in this program to gain knowledge about modern and historical American Indians.  


North Carolina Coast (All) This patch program was created for Girl Scouts to explore our coastal counties. Troops will learn about coastal climate, culture, attractions, and animals through this program.  


Not A Bummer Summer Challenge (All) The Not a Bummer Summer Challenge offers girls of all ages an opportunity to expand their Girl Scout experience to include some summer fun! Whether solo or with friends, girls stay true to their Girl Scout roots by discovering, connecting, and taking-action in various summer themed activities.  Simply complete at least five activities from each category between June 1 and August 31st to earn the Not a Bummer Summer Challenge patch. Stay active and have fun this summer. 


Sea Turtles (Daisy - Junior) This patch program teaches girls about the sea turtles on our coast. Girls will learn about the habitat and homes of the turtles and ways to keep our beaches clean for the turtles while being inspired to take action to protect local sea turtles.  


Talk It Out (Junior - Ambassador) Through this patch program, your girls can take the lead in learning about the realities of underage drinking.  Girls will share what they learn with friends and family, learn about tools available to build strong relationships, and discover how to keep kids from turning to alcohol in the first place.


think pink

Think Pink! Breast Health Awareness (All) This patch program promotes health awareness among girls and young women. Girls will learn about the importance of breast health and healthy living by participating in activities and projects. They will also participate in service projects that help raise breast cancer awareness.  

Other Patch Programs

Girl Scouts are invited to complete any of the patch programs below. Patch description includes information about obtaining the patch. For patches carried in Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines retail stores, simply stop by to purchase. Not in the neighborhood, no worries! Submit your retail order via email to


A Slice of Girl Scouts (All) The “A Slice of Girl Scouts” Challenge invites all girls, whether you are a long-time Girl Scout or are thinking about becoming one, to join us in this challenge to try a slice of (almost) everything Girl Scouts has to offer! Download the patch activities to discover ways you can engage in the four pillars of Girl Scouting, family activities, and strengthen our Girl Scout sisterhood to complete the challenge.


future vet

Future Veterinarian (Grades 3-6) This patch is meant to be an introduction to veterinary medicine for students in 3rd-6th grades. It is an exploration of veterinary medicine and STEM. Veterinary Medicine is an exciting career path where you can put your knowledge and compassion into practice! This patch is produced in partnership with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). Order the patch using this link. Created by a Gold Award Girl Scout in partnership with a community organization. The patch program is only a part of the Girl Scout’s Gold Award and does not ensure sustainability.


mental health

Mental Health Awareness (All) The Mental Health Awareness Patch objectives are to educate Girl Scouts about the brain and its influence on thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and through that knowledge, increase awareness and understanding of mental illness. Through education we can change perceptions and reduce the stigma of mental illness. The Mental Health Awareness Patch was created by International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF). Read complete patch details for order information.


food bank

No One Goes Hungry (All) Girl Scouts of all levels can earn this patch by learning about the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina and food insecurity in their communities. By learning about food insecurity, what the food bank does, how it helps and taking action together to create year-long drives we can help end hunger in our communities. Submit your patch order to shop@nccoastalpines.orgCreated by a Gold Award Girl Scout in partnership with a community organization. The patch program is only a part of the Girl Scout’s Gold Award and does not ensure sustainability. This patch may be adopted as a council patch program.


racial justice

Racial Justice (All) Earning a Racial Justice Patch engages girls in discovering themselves, connecting with others, and taking action to make the world a better place while preparing them to be present and future leaders. This patch was created by Girl Scouts of Central Maryland and YWCA.


thrive challenge

Thrive Challenge (All) The Thrive Challenge offers Girl Scouts in K-12th grade an opportunity to learn about different people, cultures, customs, and more. Girls can complete the challenge on their own (supported by their family) or troops can participate together. Simply take on at least two challenge ideas per letter (T.H.R.I.V.E.) to complete the Thrive Challenge. Purchase the Thrive Challenge and Building Beyond Today patches at any of our retail stores.



Don’t miss out on these awesome Badges in a Box. Box comes complete with everything your Girl Scout needs to complete the badge – even the badge*! Badge box includes the badge, supplies, and our companion workbook to help guide your Girl Scout through the steps to earn the badge. Please note, some additional items such as writing implements and paper as well as other common household items may be needed. We’ve also created some video content to help bring workbook activities to life (not all activities have videos). This is a great option for troops looking for a prepared activity/troop meeting. 

Supplies and quantities are limited. Click here for a complete listing of available Badges in a Box kits and to order kits. $15 per box/kit plus shipping.

*STEM Sampler kits and the Daisy Using Resources Wisely kit comes with a fun patch. 

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