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Troop Banking

From participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program to funding a once-in-lifetime troop trip – our volunteers are the real-life role models for our girls when it comes to establishing savvy money smarts.  Here’s what you need to know about troop banking as a volunteer.


Volunteer Training

Troop treasurers and bank account signers can get started with the below trainings offered in gsLearn:

  • 367 Troop Banking: Getting Started and Making Changes
  • 367 Troop Banking: Fraud Detection and Reporting
  • 367 Troop Banking: Annual Troop Finance Report

GsLearn is the Girl Scouts’ online learning management system. Simply log in to MyGS, select “My Account” at the top of the screen, then select “gsLearn” from the left-hand side menu. You can find these banking-specific trainings in the gsLearn Content Library. If you have any trouble accessing gsLearn, please contact our Help Desk for assistance.



Troop Banking Guidelines – This document is your one-stop resource for frequently asked questions and banking best practices. Download a copy to reference throughout the year.

Troop Financial Tracking Worksheet – This spreadsheet can be used to track your troop’s deposits and expenses. It makes reporting out to your troop and tracking available funds a breeze!
*Click to download OR right click & select "open link in new window"

Cheddar Up FAQs – Looking to collect payments via credit card for your troop? We have you covered! Our council has partnered with Cheddar Up to offer secure payment options for our troops. 

Online Banking Tips and Tricks- This document provides helpful instructions for navigating and customizing your troop's online banking account. 

Get Your Girls Involved – Girl-led Girl Scouting means girls are involved in all aspects of the troop’s decision making, and that includes money management. This one-page resource can help you get started.


Open or Update a Troop Bank Account

New troop? Use our account set-up form to request a bank account.

Need to update an existing account? Simply update your banking information here so we can assist you with changing account signers, ordering new debit cards, and more.

Troop disbanding or merging with another troop? We have helpful financial guidelines for troops disbanding in our Troop Banking Guidelines. Please scroll up to "Troop Banking Guidelines" at the top of this page to download the pdf. Let us know when the time has come to close out your bank account via this online form.


Annual Financial Reporting

Each year, troops are required to submit an Annual Troop Finance Report via the Volunteer Toolkit by June 1. This report summarizes each troop’s financial activities for the period May 1 through April 30.

For more information, view our handy annual report guide.


Contact Us

If you have a question or cannot find the resources you need, please reach out:

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