Camp Mu-Sha-Ni

Camp Mu-Sha-Ni is located in Richmond County; about 10 miles west of Aberdeen, near Derby, and is part of an area in NC known as the Sandhills. Here campers can explore 843 acres of fields, forest, ponds and wetlands. Camp Mu-Sha-Ni has accommodations for 166 campers. There are 30 platform tents and two cabins at Mu-Sha-Ni; plus an Encampment Field that has room for 300 more when campers bring their own tents. Camp Mu-Sha-Ni is available for year-round troop camping reservations.

Chalfant Shelter Unit

Available year-round and located on the far side of the pond away from the units and is ADA accessible. The Chalfant Shelter has one main room where mattresses can be placed on the floor for sleeping. Water faucet and toilet/shower facility is just a few steps away from the covered porch area.

Troop House

The Troop House overlooks the camp’s lake and is available year-round with ADA accessible ramps connecting to each end of the wrap-around porch. Rocking chairs are located on the porch to help you relax and enjoy the lakeside view. The campers stay on mattresses on the floor in the main room with a small kitchen available. The toilets and showers are located in the building.      


  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking Trails
  • Beaver & McBride's Ponds

Something Special

The Legend of the Yellow Feather tells us about one of the first camporees at Camp Mu‐Sha‐Ni. An old Indian shared the secrets of the beaver hiding places, wild flowers, trees, and other animal homes with the girls. As a token of friendship, the Indian gave them each a yellow feather.

Sometimes during evening campfires the Indian can be seen walking in the distance visiting Camp Mu‐Sha‐Ni to be sure Girl Scouts are taking good care of the land and the animals that live there.

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