Camp Hardee

Located southeast of Washington, NC on the south side of the Pamlico River consists of 95 acres with river frontage, woodlands, and open space. The smaller and more intimate of our properties, Camp Hardee offers modern comforts while providing a genuine camp experience. The property hosts 10 cabins with bunk beds and HVAC systems as well as an encampment field for tent camping.

What makes Camp Hardee truly special is its multi colored cabins and beautiful views of the Pamlico River. On a clear day, you can see the dolphins jumping!

Camp Hardee is used for resident camp during the summer months but is available for troop camping, service unit events and community rental during the school year.

Summer Camp at Hardee

Each week at Hardee centers on a festive theme and there is an all camp activity- dance, talent show, luau, etc. - surrounding that theme. In addition, the international staff members host a night to introduce campers to the customs and culture of their native countries. Depending upon the program, counselors will sleep in the cabins with campers. This policy along with the size of the camp makes it an ideal place for first-time campers.


  • Rotary Lodge with fireplace and HVAC system
  • Commercial kitchen
  • HVAC cabins and bathhouses
  • Covered shelters
  • Encampment areas
  • Swimming Pool & Pool House
  • Private access to Pamlico River
  • Watercrafts including canoes, kayaks and sailboats
  • Archery

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