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Council Cookie Resources

Trucks, Cupboards, and Warehouses
Find your planned order pickup location for this week!

Cookie Program Resources
Access all our cookie trainings, resources, and selling tools in one place!

2019 Cookie Program Week-by-Week Guide
Use this guide to help keep you and your troop's Cookie Program on track!

2020 CookieGram
Learn about the upcoming 2020 Cookie Program including Operation Cookie Drop, Buy 5, and our Cookie Pro contest!

Product Sale Permission Form
To participate in the Cookie Program, parents need to submit this form before the start of the sale!

Cookie Receipt (G2)
Use this receipt to track of how many boxes sold for each girl in your troop!

Operation Cookie Drop Label
Use this label as part of your troop's Operation Cookie Drop collection efforts to be randomly selected to receive a Golden Ticket, which enters troops to win one of four $250 cash prizes! 

Cookie Lanyards
Use our free cookie lanyard and price sheet download to girls to wear when selling cookies. It's a great reminder of the cookie varieties and prices!

Buy 5 Coupons
Have a customer who purchased 5 or more boxes of cookies? Then they are eligible to win a year's worth of cookies through our Buy 5 cookie contest! Print and have on hand these Buy 5 coupons (with instructions on how to enter). It's a great way to entice customers to purchase at least 5 boxes and help girls earn even more proceeds!

Smart Cookies Help Line

Have a question about Smart Cookies or having trouble with certain features or functionality? ABC Bakers now has a 24/7 Help Desk. Call 1-800-853-3730 or email the ABC Bakers Tech Team

Tools for Cookie Program Success 

ABC Bakers
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at ABC Bakers. 


2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program Resources

Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Girl Scout Cookie Activity pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie professionals? 

Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business.