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Girl Scouts and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

For more than 100 years Girl Scouts has stood for making the world a better place, and pledged to “help people at all times.” Those words carry great weight and responsibility and inspire us with strength as we denounce institutional racism, violence, injustice, and inequity.

To make the world a better place, we must commit to working together build an antiracist society. Not being a racist is not enough. Honoring diversity without being inclusive is not enough. Inclusivity is a big part of the Girl Scout DNA. From the very moment founder Juliette Gordon Low first mentioned her plans to start Girl Scouts, it was set to be an organization not only for the girls of Savannah but also for “all of America, and all the world." And if you didn’t already know, Girl Scouts is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan organization, we are not red or blue, we are Girl Scout green and proud. 


Building Beyond Today Programs

Raise your hand to help enact change with Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines’ advocacy patch, Building Beyond Today. Displaying this patch lets others know you are part of the initiative to create a community where all girls can thrive.  Get involved by participating in one or more of GS-NCCP’s opportunities. Upcoming opportunities recognize the importance of taking on issues around diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Building Beyond Today and Thrive activity patches can be purchased on our Patch Order form or by emailing our retail shop.  The Building Beyond Today patch should be worn with the Thrive activity patches, so start by purchasing the Building Beyond Today patch and then the activity patches.  Some Thrive activity patches are available for purchase while others will be mailed to registered participants after the Thrive activity, consult the Activity description for additional information.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Patch Program

When girls have earned this patch, they’ll have developed an appreciation of the uniqueness and commonalities of themselves and others, and the rich diversity of various cultures in their community and in the world. Girls will also deepen their understanding and respect for people who may be different from them and learn how to better relate to others.  

Thrive Talk Series
Thrive Talk

The Thrive Talk Series invites girls to join a guest speaker(s) to discuss topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Select age-level during registration.  The fee is $5 per girl / per talk.  We invite one parent/caregiver per registered girl to join her on the call.  Click here to register.  Purchase 3 talks and get the 4th free!  Girls who register and participate in at least one talk receive the Thrive Talk Series patch.  Building Beyond Today patch available for purchase in our retail shop. 

  • Thursday, February 18th from 6:00pm to 7:15pm 

    Being a good bystander
    .  What do you do when you see or feel something that “just isn’t right”?  Join an empowering conversation aimed at equipping you with the tools you need to be prepared to be a good bystander in difficult situations.  Girls may be split into age-level discussion groups. 

  •  Thursday, April 15th from 6:00pm to 7:15pm 

      Since 1912 Girl Scouts has emphasized inclusiveness, but what does that really mean?  We’ll talk with a mixed abilities troop in Wake County who’ll share their story of success.   Girls may be into split age-level discussion groups.  
Thrive Challenge

The Thrive Challenge offers Girl Scouts an opportunity to learn about different people, cultures, customs, and more. We invite all Girls Scouts in K-12th grade to complete the challenge. Girls can complete the challenge on their own (supported by their family) or troops can participate together. Simply take on at least two challenge ideas per letter (T.H.R.I.V.E.) to complete the Thrive Challenge. Then purchase your Thrive Challenge patch.

Click here for the Thrive Challenge. 

The Thrive Challenge patch should be worn with the Building Beyond Today patch. Both patches are available in our retail stores. Snag yours by emailing an order to

Thrive Book Series

Read Aloud Book Series

Do you love stories?  So do we, especially when we get to share a meaningful story with friends like you!  Each month we’ll release a story read by a special guest reader.  

Complete the Read Aloud form to opt-in to receive information about each read aloud title and our guest reader. Don't miss out, opt-in today and never miss a story with your Girl Scout friends!

All girls who either participate in the Read Aloud event and/or read books from the suggested reading list can purchase the Thrive Book Series patch from our retail store. Building Beyond Today patch is available for purchase as well.  

Thrive Spring Book Club

Download the Thrive Spring Book Club reading list.  This reading list is aimed at helping you broaden your view of the world.  We’ll supply discussion questions for the books to help you reflect on what you’ve read, while encouraging you to creatively capture the book. Then register to attend the Thrive Spring Book Club Meeting on April 22, 2021 from 6pm to 7:15pm.  This event will feature a guest author or speaker and/or activities.  Girls may be into split age-level groups.  Select your age-level during registration.  Girls who register for and participate in the book club meeting will receive the Thrive Book Series patch.   Building Beyond Today patch is available for purchase at our retail shop.

Thrive Spring Book Club Reading List: 

Girls may choose to read from the book club reading list and not participate in the book club meeting.  Please purchase your Thrive Book Series patch from our retail store.  


How Do You Thrive?

When you build beyond today you build for your tomorrow, a tomorrow that is better and brighter because of the actions you take today.  A panel of guest experts will guide you through several activities aimed at helping girls take action steps toward creating a community where all girls can thrive.  Join us to learn the skills and develop the tools necessary to effectively advocate for yourself and others.  Plus answer the questions, “How do you thrive?”

Click here to register. 

Girl may be split into age-level groups, please select age level during registration.  Each girl should register individually to attend.  We invite one parent/caregiver per registered girl to attend the virtual session with her.  All registered and participating girls will receive the “How Do You Thrive” patch.  Building Beyond Today patch available for purchase in our retail shop.  

(2) Virtual events will be hosted on:

·       How do you thrive?  March 27, 2021, time 10am to 11:30am – Brownies and Juniors and their families

·       How do you thrive?  March 27, 2021, time 1pm to 2:30pm Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors 

Thrive Art Show



The 2021 Thrive Art Show was a way for Girl Scouts to creatively express what "community" means to them. All Girl Scouts were invited to participate in the Thrive Art Show by submitting entries that capture the essence of “community” or express: "How do you thrive in your community?". Artwork was judged by a panel of anonymous judges for creativity and the Girl Scout’s ability to express "community" through her art. 

Award categories are as follows:

  • Girl Scout Daisy First Place
  • Girl Scout Brownie First Place
  • Girl Scout Junior First Place
  • Girl Scout Cadette First Place
  • Girl Scout Ambassador First Place
  • Sculpted Art Best In Show
  • Drawing Best In Show
  • Photography Best In Show
  • Painting Best In Show

Thank you to all the contributing artists and a very special thank you to our panel of judges.  All Girl Scouts receive a certificate for contributing artwork and top awardees will receive a congratulatory gift. 



Resources for Parents

While we should be having conversations about race and racism regularly, checking in with your girl is crucial when racist violence claims lives and sparks widespread protest, grief, and unrest around the nation. See the resources below for guidance on navigating racism with your girls.

Raising Awesome Girls Series

Raising Awesome Girls from GSUSA has released a variety of helpful parenting articles from our experts on navigating this time with your girls. 

Social Media



Resources for Troop Leaders and Volunteers

As a Girl Scout volunteer, making all girls and families feel welcome and offering a safe space for your girl to talk about important issues is vital. Review these resources as you navigate discussions.

Programming for Taking a Stand Against Racism

Girl Scouts offers the following badges that promote civic engagement: Public Policy, Inside Government, Netiquette, Finding Common Ground, and Girl Scout Way. In addition, we offer many resources through our nonpartisan G.I.R.L. Agenda initiative that encourage girls to drive positive social change in their communities and world. 

GSUSA Multicultural Fun Patch
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 12.21.47 PM

The Girl Scout Multicultural Community Celebration Fun Patch was designed to celebrate the countless contributions that diverse communities have made and continue to make in the United States. Girl Scouts of all levels and their leaders have plenty of activities to choose from to earn each segment of this fun patch, whether they choose to do one or all of them. We encourage girls from all ethnic backgrounds to participate, they are sure to learn interesting new things.

  • Hispanic Heritage 
  • Native American Heritage – coming soon!
  • Black History – coming 2022!
  • Asian American Pacific Islander Month – coming 2022!
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month – coming 2022! 


GSUSA Hispanic Heritage Month (All) During Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15–October 15), we celebrate the countless contributions that Hispanic people and Latinos have made and continue to make in the United States. We honor the cultural richness of all people in the U.S. whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Girls and leaders have plenty of activities to choose from to earn this fun patch. And regardless of their specific ethnic heritage, they’re sure to learn interesting new things. Additionally, we invite you to complete our council patch program, Discovering Hispanic Heritage, too! You can purchase these patches by emailing or visiting your local retail shop. 

Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Essentials: Engaging Girls & Families

  • Creating a Safe Place for Girls
  • Communicating Effectively with Girls of Any Age
  • When Sensitive Topics Come Up
  • Volunteer Policies and Procedures (includes non-discrimination policy, whistleblower procedures, and more)
Safety Activity Checkpoints

Pages 18-19 emotional safety, mental health, and equal treatment

Our role is to help girls develop self-confidence and good decision-making skills that will help them make wise choices in all areas of their lives. Parents/guardians make all decisions regarding their girl’s participation in Girl Scout program that may be of a sensitive nature. As a volunteer leader, you must get written parental permission for any locally planned program offering that could be considered sensitive.

Training Resources
  • Lead and Learn- Being Inclusive

Our Lead and Learn on “Being Inclusive” helps adults understand what it means to create an inclusive environment and ways they can help develop an inclusive environment for both girls and adults. To request this Lead and Learn, please use the Lead and Learn Request Form

  • gsLearn – Diversity and Inclusion

gsLearn, our online learning platform for all things training, offers several opportunities to increase your diversity and inclusion IQ. To view the trainings below, remember to log into your MYGS account to log into gsLearn.

In Foundation 3 (Well Being and Development) of The Successful Leader Learning Series, learn strategies to creating an inclusive, girl led space, embracing troop diversity and understanding how the role of the troop leader, sets this framework.

In addition, gsLearn houses several other training on Diversity and Inclusion that can be helpful for Service Unit Teams and for your own personal professional development.

What is Diversity and Inclusion

Hiring for a Diverse Workforce

Identifying Diversity in Others

Leading a Diverse Workforce Part 1 and Part 2

Leveraging Diversity and Strengths in the Workplace

Your unique diversity in the workplace

  • Girl Scout Troop #765’s Bronze Award focuses on troop diversity and creating an inclusive environment.  Troops and individual members are invited to view a video of their project (including a closed caption version) as well as a slideshow containing a variety of activities to complete.   At the end of the activities, there is a certificate which participants can print to recognize your efforts.  



Ways to Take Action

Girl Scouts Highest Awards

Through our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, Girl Scouts can take a stand about an issue that they care about and make a lasting change. 

Learn more about our Highest Awards and get started.

For some inspiration, read about Gold Award Girl Scout Nia P.'s project called Increasing Youth Engagement: A New Voice in Social Justice  where she informed her peers of racial equity and social justice issues.

Girl Scouts and Advocacy

Commit to taking action to make the world a better place by siging our pledge against racism.

A nonpartisan initiative to inspire, prepare, and mobilize girls and those who care about them to lead positive change through civic action.

Our Public Policy and Advocacy Office works across party lines with Congress and the Executive Branch to educate and raise awareness about issues important to girls and young women



Have resources to share? Email them to us! Share with us how your troop is taking action through our Girl Scout story form.

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