Ways For Girls to Participate - Pathways

In the past, girls could participate in Girl Scouting in only one way— in a Girl Scout troop. However, as girls—and families—have become busier than ever, girls need flexible ways to participate in Girl Scouting. Now, being in a Girl Scout troop is only one way to be a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts offers many ways to participate—six fun and exciting Pathways!

Troop Pathway

In the troop pathway, your girl will meet face-to-face on a regular basis (at least once a month) with the same girls each time. Troops typically meet for the length of a school year. Although there are often waiting lists to join Girl Scout troops, new troops are formed regularly!

Camp Pathway

Who doesn’t love camping? Whether your girl participates in “day” or “resident” camp experiences (or both!), she’ll have fun outdoor adventures that will help her gain lifelong skills. A camp guide is mailed to each household annually and will detail Girl Scout camp opportunities.

Events Pathway

Girls who participate in Girl Scouting through our events pathway can attend local, regional, or council-level events. They are encouraged to participate in multiple events throughout the year, and to choose events that interest them. Our events cover everything from STEM, to the arts, to improving the environment.

Series Pathway

Whether she participates in fun activities while waiting to join a troop or is individually registered, in the series pathway your girl is a Girl Scout on her own terms. By interacting with the same group of girls in a series of programs relating to a specific theme, your girl can participate in what interests her most and when it fits her busy schedule.

Travel Pathway

With the travel pathway, your girl will experience adventures she’ll never forget! Girls learn to plan their trips, earn money toward their travel, and experience new places via regional, national, and even international trips. 

Virtual Pathway

As a virtual Girl Scout, your girl will be part of an online community that shares her Girl Scout interests. She will connect online with other girls in the council who share her interests as she participates in interactive, fun activities.