Healthy Living

In today’s world of childhood obesity and other health-related issues for youth, Girl Scouts teaches girls the importance of diet, exercise, emotional well-being and self-esteem in order to lead healthier lives. 

Encouraging healthy lifestyles is in the fabric of our program opportunities and Girl Scouts—North Carolina Coastal Pines works to create innovative and engaging programs, events and camp sessions that get girls—and adults—up and moving.  Camping, hiking, swimming and all things outdoors shows girls of all ages that leading an active lifestyle will create lasting benefits to overall physical, mental and emotional health. 

Camp sessions, events and topic specifics series opportunities allow girls to focus their energy on building confidence and character, which contribute to high self-esteem.  While working in a troop setting girls can explore the third Journey series, It’s Your Story-Tell It! where they learn how to infuse healthy living in all aspects of their life and learn the importance of a healthy mental lifestyle.