Citizenship and Stewardship

Girl Scouts are leading the way in improving the quality of life in their local and global communities through citizenship, stewardship and the power of advocacy. 

At each grade-level Girl Scouts are challenged with creating a Take Action Project, in which they learn the importance of having an active role within their local and global community. Projects are based on the topics within the three Journey Series. Specifically our second Journey Series- It’s Planet-Love IT! focuses on teaching girls the benefits of caring for the world around, whether it is the air they breathe, the water they drink or the ground they walk on.

Furthermore, Girl Scout- North Carolina Coastal Pines offers specific programming where girls can explore more about advocacy and the power of a voice. Through our Page Program, Women in Law Programs, and Leadership Programs, girls witness firsthand how others are making a difference in world providing them with a snapshot of what their future as a leader could be.