Council Patch Programs

Patch programs are a great way to explore a wide variety of topics. Detailed booklets describing the requirements for each patch are available from the service centers and below. Patches for each program are available in the council shops unless otherwise noted.

A Home Away From Home (All) The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for families of seriously ill children. Now is the time for you and your troop to join together to learn about the service that is provided to these families and reach out to your community. Join other Girl Scouts in helping a local Ronald McDonald House in your area. You may purchase patches through the mail. They are not available at the council shop.

Adventures in Research (Brownie – Ambassador) This patch program is designed for Girl Scouts to learn about the importance of research and science in relation not only to careers, but daily life.

American Indians in North Carolina (Brownie – Ambassador) American Indians have played an important role in North Carolina history. Learn their contributions as well as facts about American Indians in North Carolina today by completing this patch program.

American Patriotism (Brownie – Ambassador) Girls will learn more about our national flag, our country’s freedom, and why we should be proud to be Americans.

Amphibian Reptiles (All) This fun and active patch program will help Girl Scouts learn about amphibians and reptiles while understanding how the environment is important for them to live.

Back to Planet Earth (All) This patch program helps girls become environmentally aware through troop, family, and community involvement in environmental issues and actions.

Bones Savvy (Brownie – Ambassador) Strong bones are a necessity for a long, healthy lifestyle. This patch program teaches girls how to care for their bones and prevent injuries in the future.

Burwell School Historic Site (All) Send yourself back in time to the 19th century to learn how girls were educated at this museum in Hillsborough, N.C. Activities revolve around a visit to this site, which will teach the girls about their counterparts in 1830s North Carolina. You may purchase patches at the site.

Circle of Friends (All) In Girl Scouting, a circle is a meaningful shape. By completing this patch program, girls will not only learn more about disability awareness, but will learn how to build a “circle of friends” around a girl or adult with a disability. With the help of the National Inclusion Project (NIP), this patch program will integrate the NIP’s Let’s ALL Play curriculum with a fun, interactive Girl Scout program.

Commitment to Caring (Brownie – Ambassador) This program was developed in partnership with the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association. It provides girls the opportunity to establish positive relationships with residents of nursing homes in their community.

Different Shoe Day (All) Different Shoe Day in February provides many activities that girls of all ages can use to learn about and appreciate cultural diversity, including wearing two different shoes to school or to play. Other activities are to hold a cultural game day, make a cultural collage, hold an international dinner, have a show and tell, or learn different dances from around the world. Troops should receive these program materials in January.

Exploring North Carolina (Brownie – Ambassador) This patch program is designed to increase girls’ knowledge of our state, its history, and resources. It offers a variety of fun activities and travel opportunities across the state.

Focus on Ability (Brownie – Ambassador) This essential program allows girls to increase their comfort level in interacting with people with disabilities. Girls will become more aware of and sensitive to the barriers that people with disabilities face in everyday life, and will learn ways to become more sensitive toward everyone’s needs.

Hand-in-Hand Helping Others (All) This patch program is designed to help Girl Scouts become more aware of the United Way and its meaning and importance to our communities.

HomeGrown in North Carolina (All) Girls will learn about locally grown products in North Carolina by gaining a greater awareness of how the North Carolina Department of Agriculture works, including the county and state fair system. This program is fun and exciting, as girls are encouraged to participate in our state system by going to local fairs and eating locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Hurricane Preparedness (Daisy – Junior) This patch program teaches girls who live along our coast how to prepare for a hurricane. It includes talking to a meteorologist and tracking a storm.

Know Your Coast (All) Developed with the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management, this patch program helps girls learn all about the North Carolina coast. A site visit is necessary to complete this patch. What a way to have fun in the sun and earn recognition!

Make Every Dance Step Count (All) Have fun and get energized as your troop grooves through the world of dance! This patch program kit will introduce your troop to dance from around the world. Learn about the moves to help keep your body fit, flexible, and in shape. The program includes dance steps to learn, stretches you can do, and is a great way to get your troop up and moving. Top off your patch program with a dance-off so the girls can show how they move and groove. Contact the Council to reserve a kit for use with your group.

Make Every Step Count (Junior – Ambassador) Get your troop on track to fight childhood obesity through this fun, easy-to-follow patch program. Each participant will need a pedometer to wear that will count their steps. The program includes 10 weeks of activities to use in your troop meetings and for the girls to take home to complete with their families. Create awareness, and help your girls start making healthier choices today that they can follow for a lifetime. Use the Make Every Step Count website to log weekly food and activity choices and work toward earning the Make Every Step Count patch. Contact the Council to reserve a kit for use with your group.

Media Savvy (All) Have you ever read a story in your local newspaper and thought your troop has a story to tell? This patch program was designed to encourage troops to demonstrate what Girl Scouting has to offer both girls and adults in their communities. By increasing visibility of Girl Scout troops throughout our council, communities will know the value and contributions Girl Scouts make each and every day. Troops will work closely with their Media Coordinators to earn this award.

Money Counts (Brownie and Junior) This program provides hands-on activities that teach girls valuable skills such as recognizing the value of money, realizing the cost of living, budgeting, comfort and knowledge with banking procedures, customer service, and steps to owning a business. A resource kit is available for check out to support this patch program.

Moores Creek Battleground Heroic Women (All) This patch program provides an integrated program focusing on the ideals of the American Revolution, noted women of colonial times, and the changing roles of women.

My Family Loves Girl Scouting (All) This is the perfect opportunity to participate as a family in Girl Scouting. Complete this patch program full of activities that give families opportunities to play an active role and allow everyone to join in the fun.

North Carolina Lighthouses (Brownie – Ambassador) Lighthouses are a beautiful and historic aspect of North Carolina. Learn about many different lighthouses and the purposes behind them in this patch program.

North Carolina Renaissance Faire (All) Through this patch program, girls gain a deeper understanding of the Renaissance period of history by research, literature, and first-person interpretation of this period in time. Through these activities, and perhaps even a visit to the annual North Carolina Renaissance Faire, Girl Scouts will not only have fun but also experience a taste of the past.

North Carolina Zoo (Brownie – Ambassador) After completing specific prerequisites, your troop can make reservations and purchase reduced-rate tickets from the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, where you can complete the final requirements on site. Patches are available for purchase at the zoo’s gift shop.

Old Salem (Junior – Ambassador) Your troop can complete this program while visiting the historic Moravian Village of Old Salem in Winston-Salem, N.C. Patches are available through the visitors’ center at Old Salem.

Sea Turtles (Brownie) This fun patch program teaches girls about the sea turtles on our coast. Girls will learn about the habitat and homes of the turtles and ways to keep our beaches clean for the turtles.

Think Pink: Breast Health Awareness (All) This program promotes health awareness among girls and young women. Girls will learn about the importance of breast health by participating in activities, completing service projects, and researching topics related to breast health awareness.