Cookie FAQs

How much do Girl Scout Cookies cost?

$3.50 per box, except for our new Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread (new in 2014!), which retails at $5 per package. 

Are cookies the same price nationwide?

Actually, no. Each Girl Scout council sets its own sale dates, price for cookies, and recognition programs for the girls. Girl Scout cookies purchased from any Girl Scout or troop in the Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines council are $3.50 and cannot be sold at any other price under any circumstances. If you pay or are asked to pay another price for cookies we ask that you contact the Product Sales Department at 1-800-284-4475.

What is Operation Cookie Drop?

Operation Cookie Drop is a program through which Girl Scouts collect donations which will be used to purchase Girl Scout cookies which will be shipped to our military troops serving overseas each May.  Check out pictures and thank you notes from past Operation Cookie Drops here

What is the Buy 5 Program?

Customers that purchase five boxes or more of Girl Scout cookies can enter a drawing to win a year's supply of free Girl Scout cookies! Six winners will be selected from all who qualify. Contact a Girl Scout or Girl Scout troop for more information. If you purchased 5 boxes of cookies and received a certificate from your Girl Scout, click here to enter the drawing!

Who bakes the Girl Scout cookies?

There are two licensed bakers from which councils can choose. ABC Bakers will bake the delicious cookies for North Carolina Coastal Pines troops for the 2014 Cookie Sale.

Why do the cookies have different names around the country?

Each council contracts with one of the two licensed bakers. The bakers choose the names of the cookies and offer eight cookie varieties each year. The three cookie varieties that both bakeries make are Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwich (or Do-si-dos) and Shortbread (or Trefoils). The national Girl Scout organization reviews and approves all varieties proposed by the bakers. Each bakery names its own cookies, so Girl Scout Cookies that are quite similar may have different names.

When should customers pay for Girl Scout cookies?

Girl Scouts are instructed to collect payment when cookies are delivered – not when collecting orders. If a customer insists on paying for cookies when placing an order, the customer should receive a receipt from the Girl Scout listing her Troop number and Leader or Troop Cookie Manager's phone number. Girls and troops are allowed to collect donations for Operation Cookie Drop at the time of the order since girls will not be returning to deliver cookies.

I want to accept credit cards this year! How does Sage Mobile work? 

Sage Payments mobile works the same way any credit card processing system would; your customer gives you a credit card number, you key it in or swipe the card. If the sale is authorized, the funds are transmitted electronically from your customer’s bank to your bank and you email a receipt to your customer.

How does my troop set up a smart phone swiper with Sage Mobile?

Your troop will need to watch the instructional webinar and complete a survey with your troop’s contact info.  Visit our Cookie Instructions and Training page for complete instructions. You may order additional credit card swipers  through CORE for a small rental fee ($5 each) once you have your Sage Mobile account set up by our Finance Department, You may also buy swipers directly from Sage. Each additional swiper is $20.00.

What credit cards can I accept with Sage Mobile?

You can take all major card brands; Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. American Express is also available-pricing and account provided by American Express.  

Can I accept debit cards with Sage Mobile?

If your customer has what is called a “signature debit card” or a check card, you have everything you need to process. PIN based debit cards/transactions are not supported. 

Can more than one person use a single Sage Mobile User ID at the same time? 

No, but you will be able to add additional users through your online portal as necessary. Each user has separate access to payment processing.

Who can sell Girl Scout cookies?

Registered Girl Scouts can sell Girl Scout cookies. Participation in the sale is voluntary.

Can cookies be returned?

If a customer receives a box of cookies that is damaged, stale, or for any reason does not meet the customer’s expectations, he/she should return the box to the troop or girl from whom the cookies were purchased to receive a replacement box of cookies or a refund.

Are cookie purchases tax deductible?

Yes and no. Cookies purchased for personal or group consumption are not tax deductible. However, cookies purchased for a charitable organization (such as a food pantry or Operation Cookie Drop), where the customer does not receive the cookies or benefit directly by paying for the cookies, are tax deductible. Contributions in excess of $250 should be reported to the council so that an official receipt can be provided.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email the North Carolina Coastal Pines Product Sales Department.

Can I still buy Cookie PR merchandise for the 2014 sale?

The Council retail shops have some Cookie PR items available for sale. Call the Raleigh shop for availability - 919-600-6330.