Cookie Sale Program

The 2014 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Starts January 4, 2014!

There’s more to selling Girl Scout Cookies than what is in the box! The Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program helps girls learn and understand 5 very essential life skills including:

  • Goal Setting: Through the cookie program, girls learn how to set and reach goals. A skill that will go beyond number of cookies sold.
  • Decision Making: Girls make many decisions in their lives, big and small, which is why we help them learn how to evaluate and make the best choices possible.
  • Money Management: Girls learn how to handle money – from their allowance to their future pay check – to help them spend and budget wisely.
  • People Skills: The cookie sale is the perfect environment to learn how to interact with customers and develop social skills. Learning how to work and speak with others helps girls do better in school, on sport teams, and, later, at work.
  • Business Ethics: The cookie sale requires girls to act honestly and responsibly. These skills are imperative since future employers will want to hire ethical employees and the world needs responsible leaders in every field.

Participating in the Cookie Sale Program shows girls they can do anything and overcome any challenge while building confidence and leadership.

Learn more about Cookie Goals and participating Cookie Booths for the upcoming sale or read our Cookie FAQs for commonly asked questions. Learn about credit card payments and other cookie-related training or check out the different ways your Girl Scout can participate.

Finally, don’t forget to learn about Operation Cookie Drop, where the girls can provide a taste of home to the men and women serving our country overseas. 

Are you interested in volunteering for the Girl Scout Cookie Sale? We have many opportunities for you to get involved! Click here for ways that you can help.

2014 Cookie Cupboard locations and cookie manager contact information can be found here. Please email with questions!

2014 Cookie Sale Dates

October 26, 2013 Regional Cookie Manager Training
October 28 - November 12, 2013 Council Sponsored ACM Training
November 14 - November 23, 2013 Council Sponsored Troop Trainings
December 13, 2013  Initial Orders Due in Snap from all Troops
January 4, 2014 First Day of Cookie Sale
January 13, 2014 Cookie Booth Scheduler in Snap opens for Lottery Pick
January 13 - January 18, 2014 Initial Delivery
January 17, 2014 Cookie Booth Lottery/First Come First Serve Cookie Booths Open
January 19, 2014 First Planned Orders Due
January 24, 2014 First Official Start Of Cookie Booths
January 26, 2014 Second Planned Orders Due
February 2, 2014 Third Planned Orders Due
Febraury 5, 2014 Initial Payment Drafted
February 9, 2014 Fourth Planned Orders Due
February 16, 2014 Fifth Planned Orders Due
February 23, 2014 Sixth (and FINAL) Planned Orders Due
March 9, 2014 Last Day of Sale
March 7, 2014 Troops Transfer Complete and Recognition Orders Due
March 11, 2014 Final Cookie Draft
March 28, 2014 Superstar Destination Request Forms due
April/May 2014 Operation Cookie Drop cookies delivered to military bases for shipment overseas and cookies are shipped to Buy 5 winners

PDF of Girl Scout Cookie Sale 2013-2014 Calendar.

Girl Scout cookies sold in our council are $3.50 per box with the exception of the new Gluten-Free cookies which retails for $5 per box. All revenue generated by the Cookie Sale Program is retained by Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines troops or is designated for program opportunities that directly support Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines girls and adult volunteers in our 41-county area.

Gluten Free Pilot Patch Survey