Cookie Goals and Booth Participation

Setting a Cookie Sale Goal

Did you know that girls and troops that set goals sell an average of 30% more cookies? It's true -- selling cookies without setting a goal is like taking a trip with no destination!


Setting a goal is easy and fun, and starts with visiting ABC bakery's super cool COCO (Cookie Command) website to complete an interactive goal setting activity to set up your own goal chart. Girls that enter their goal in COCO site by January 31, 2014 will earn the Goal Getter patch.

Goals don't always have to be set in box increments, though. Many successful cookie sellers set other types of goals -- to sell 10 more boxes than last year, or to earn a certain recognition or patch, or to help the troop earn enough money to go to Savannah. So whatever your goal looks like, share it with all your customers. Write it on your order cards, make a button, make posters!


In addition to personal goals, troops should also set a goal and make sure that all the girls know the troop's goal. Make posters for your cookie booths and update your goal poster as cookies are sold. Remember, customers want to be a part of your troop's success!



Cookie Booths

A cookie booth is a place where a Girl Scout troop sets up a table at a business to sell Girl Scout cookies.  Each year troops sell thousands of boxes of cookies at Cookie Booths.  Please read information about how to have a safe and successful cookie booth in the Troop Reference Guide. Details on how to reserve both a council-sponsored and troop secured cookie booths can be found in this guide plus how-to instructions on using the Snap Booth Scheduler.

Council sponsored cookie booths begin January 24-March 2, 2014. Troop secured booths begin January 18, 2014. Please refer to the cookie booth section of the Troop Reference Guide for details on how to secure booths.

Want to purchase cookies at a cookie booth? Visit the Cookie Booth Locator to find cookies in your neighborhood!