What do Girl Scouts do?  Almost anything a girl would like to do! Learn more about our Program Initiatives!
The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is girl-driven, reflecting the ever-changing needs and interests of participating girls. It provides girls in kindergarten through twelfth grade with a wide variety of leadership opportunities. The  GSLE encourages increased skill-building and responsibility,  all while promoting the development of strong leadership and decision-making skills. Program activities are grade-appropriate and based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, as well as on the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
Girls will enjoy exploring many different topics including:
•    Leadership and Self-Esteem
•    Community Outreach and Education
•    Environmental Awareness
•    Civic Education
•    Financial Literacy
•    Health and Wellness
•    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
•    Culture and the Arts
•    Travel
Every girl who registers as a Girl Scout can enjoy the many pathways offered--Camp, Events, Series, Travel, Troop, and Virtual--pathways that meet the needs and interests of girls!
No matter what age or pathway, girls learn the value and the fun of sharing experiences in an all-girl environment, with caring, trained adults to serve as mentors and role models. All activities are designed with girls in mind to spark their interests, address their concerns, build their skills, and explore the world around them.