Updates to Volunteer Polices (Nov. 2012)

Updates to our current volunteer policies were approved by the council’s Board of Directors in November 2012.  To reflect current business practices, a few policies have yielded updates which are described below.  Please take a couple minutes to review sections that were amended. 

Please email the help desk at helpdesk@nccoastalpines.org with any questions. You can download the full updated policies here and read general highlights below. 

General Updates:

Terminology—i.e. Safety Activity Checkpoints, Pathways, GSLE

Reorganization of Sections—updated language, document tailored to become more user friendly and clearer to understand

Section I: Policies for Volunteers

A-Clarified that membership fees are non-refundable.

B-Troop Treasurer added to the list of those individuals required to have a background check.  The requirement was added that all volunteers and applicants disclose any pending criminal charges.  This could come into play for a current volunteer who has something come up after she/he has been background checked and prior to the next scheduled background check for that individual.

E-In an effort to help our volunteers and staff navigate through the areas of conflict resolution, the creation and addition of a formal Volunteer Grievance Procedure was added.  This document describing the procedure will be available on the council website for ease of access.

F-Clarification was provided that a volunteer could resign or be released from a volunteer role and in doing so her/his membership with GSUSA could continue.

Section II: Protection for Girls and Adults

F-Updated the listing of social media sites to be inclusive of current sites that are out there—Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Pinterest

G-Addition of a new section on confidentiality to protect member information

I-Addition of a new section for the whistleblower policy in order to support our code of ethical conduct and provide a formal system for members to share concerns regarding questionable accounting matters or illegal activity in a safe and confidential manner without fear of retaliation.

Section III: Program-Related Policies

E-Under program related policies, an addition was made to include a section on political activity and electioneering.  This section clarifies what electoral activity is prohibited by individuals when acting as a Girl Scout representative.

Section IV: Financial Policies

B-Distinction and further clarification is provided between solicitation of funds and in-kind donations and who may or may not be involved.

E-Distinction is provided between various ways to fund Girl Scout Activities, including the parameters around each method, their tie to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and proper approval channels:

o   Council product sales

o   Money-earning activities

o   Troop dues

o   Wider Opportunity Fund

F-Clarification surrounding IRS reporting required in regards to donations of $250 or more; also inclusion of a statement regarding cookies, programs and services not being tax deductible by law.

G-Addition of an accountability statement for adults in regards to delinquent or misuse of funds.

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