You know the feeling when you just can’t wait for tomorrow?

The feeling you get when you’re with your friends, and you’re talking about all the fun things that could happen? We love that feeling! So let’s do all the cool stuff you imagined – like exploring the outdoors, creating your own masterpiece, or helping the community with new friends.

We’ll always be counting down to the next adventure – and the next one, and the next one – together.

Join us today and for your next greatest adventure.

Already a Girl Scout

We can't wait for another fun-filled year! Use this section of the website to find helpful information to help enhance and guide your Girl Scouting experience.

Helpful Resources:

  • Girl Scout Awards - learn more about the Gold, Silver, Bronze award which are some of the highest achievements in Girl Scouting and can help with college scholarships! 
  • Find cool events to attend with your troop or by yourself!