Ways to Volunteer

Whether you want to work directly with girls or behind the scenes in support of girls, you will help us achieve the Girl Scout mission while making a difference in the lives of girls in central and eastern North Carolina. Regardless of the amount of time you have to share - a couple of hours, a day, one evening a week for 4-6 weeks or more - there is a place for you!

The opportunities are endless and the time committment is up to you! Girl Scouting has several Girl Scout Pathways and ways to participate as a volunteer. Pathways include Troop, Camp, Event, Series, Travel and more!

Below are some examples of the different volunteer roles in each pathway or download our complete listing of volunteer opportunities.

Girls in a Troop

In the Troop Pathway, leaders and co-leaders partner with girls who meet regularly as they share amazing experiences. Troops typically meet during the school year, but the frequency, time, and place are up to you! Troop leaders are also connected with a network of veteran volunteers who help answer questions and provide ongoing support. View all our Troop Volunteer Opportunities

Want to be a troop leader or co-leader? Proceed directly to the Volunteer Application

Girls at Day Camp

In the Camp Pathway, become a mentor to girls as they experience the fun and excitement of the "great outdoors" at one of our day camp locations. Usually lasting one week during the summer months, day camps offer several opportunities to work with girls in an outdoor setting for a defined period of time. View all our Day Camp Volunteer Opportunities

Ready to be a Day Camp Volunteer? Proceed directly to the Volunteer Application.

Girls at an Event

Do you have a couple of hours to spare? Put your time and skills to great use as a volunteer in the Event Pathway. Choose your favorite topics and help girls unleash their potential. Visit our Events Calendar to see what is going on in your area or suggest an event! When you're ready to get started, contact Volunteer Services and we'll help get you set up or browse our available Event Volunteer Opportunities.

Girls in a Series

If you have a skill, a spark, or just a dream of helping girls, Girl Scouting has a place for your volunteer spirit. Girls can learn from your talents and skills. Whether your schedule will allow you to give a few hours per week during the school year or just a couple of hours over a weekend, sharing your knowledge or expertise with girls will enhance their Girl Scout experience. Contact Volunteer Services to share your skills today or view our Series Volunteer Opportunities.

Girls Traveling

Through the Travel Pathway, you will play a key role in helping girls expand their horizons. Whether chaperoning a weekend camping trip or an international tour, you will help create memories that last a lifetime. View all our available Travel Volunteer Opportunities or contact Volunteer Services to identify potential volunteer travel opportunties!

Behind the Scenes

Perhaps you feel more comfortable volunteering with other adults in organizing troops, recruiting new members, providing learning opportunities or otherwise supporting troop leaders and other volunteers in your area. There are many behind-the-scenes roles that may be for you! Contact Volunteer Services to find out how you can give back today! Not sure where to start? Browse our Behind the Scenes Volunteer Opportunities to learn more!