Volunteer Application Process

If you are interested in being a troop leader, co-leader, or behind-the-scenes (administrative) volunteer, please complete the following three steps.

For all other volunteer positions please contact Volunteer Services to begin your background check and become a registered Girl Scout. 

  1. Complete Volunteer Application.
  2. Become a Girl Scout member
  3. Submit a background check  (To receive the background check password please contact Volunteer Services.)

If you are interested in other volunteer positions, such as the ones listed below, you will be required to submit a background check. Please contact Volunteer Services to get started!

Volunteer positions that require a background check include: board member, troop/group/series leader, assistant leader, service unit manager, administrative volunteers, troop/group treasurer, product sales managers, outdoor trained adult, event director, all camp and day camp volunteers, overnight chaperone/adult, mentor for Girl Scouts including adults working directly with girl(s) in leadership capacity, or any troop/group or other entity sponsored by or affiliated with it shall be required to submit a background check.