Girl Scout Grade Levels

Girls can become a member of Girl Scouts when they start kindergarten. Program grade levels are: 


Girl Scout Daisy  – grades K-1

As a Girl Scout Daisy, each girl has the opportunity to learn about herself; develop an awareness of others and a sense of responsibility; develop good citizenship and a growing awareness of the world; and find guidance in physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth.


Girl Scout Brownie  – grades 2-3

As a Brownie Girl Scout, girls have the chance to embark on exciting adventures; gain self-confidence and self-esteem; make new friends; explore the world around them; discover their unique qualities, talents, gifts, and strengths; and help other people through community service projects.


Girl Scout Junior – grades 4-5

Girl Scout Juniors have the opportunity to be involved in activities that provide opportunities for intellectual growth, new friendships, and deepening relationships while discovering both the outside world and their inner selves.


Cadette Girl Scouts – grades 6-8

Senior Girl Scouts – grades 9-10

Ambassador Girl Scouts – grades 11-12

Teen Girl Scouts have the opportunity to increase their self-esteem; develop healthy living habits; learn about values and beliefs; expand relationships with family and friends; develop skills for success in the real world; explore the value of physical fitness; and travel. Further, teen girls have the chance to be involved in service, sports, camping, science, skill building, and more. Through leadership trainings, travel, career development, service projects, spiritual and self-discovery exercises, and other experiences, teen Girl Scouts gain a heightened awareness of the world around them and themselves.