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Girl Scout Sustainers

Girl Scouts are busy all year long. While they’re attending troop meetings, exploring the outdoors, and working on badges, they’re also benefitting from a movement that will positively impact their lives in five key ways: creating a strong sense of self, instilling positive values, encouraging them to seek challenges, fostering healthy relationships, and encouraging problem-solving.

As a Girl Scout Sustainer, you can know that every time a local Girl Scout grows more confident, helps her community, overcomes an obstacle, makes a new friend, or finds a solution, you helped make it possible.

What Is a Girl Scout Sustainer?

Girl Scout Sustainers are a group of donors who support Girl Scouts- North Carolina Coastal Pines through automatic, monthly credit card donations of $10/month or more.

Why Become a Sustainer?

It’s easy:

As a Sustainer, there’s nothing for you to remember. Set up a donation once and have it run automatically each month. That’s it. And there’s no need to keep track of all your donations. GS-NCCP will send you a summary letter each year to use for your taxes.

It makes a bigger impact:

Girls are active with Girl Scouting every month of the year. Your monthly donation provides consistent, reliable support that lets us focus on delivering high-quality, affordable programs that build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. In addition, by donating a small, manageable amount each month, sustainers are often able to make a larger gift over time than they could by making a single donation.

It comes with perks:

As a thank-you for their loyal support, Girl Scout Sustainers receive:

  • Their names listed on the Girl Scout Sustainer webpage (donors may choose to be anonymous)
  • An infographic sent to them annually that details the impact of Girl Scout Sustainers’ donations
  • Entry into a quarterly drawing for random giveaways. Donors who don’t want their prize can choose to gift it to a volunteer or Gold Award Girl Scout