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Girl Scout Sustainers

Girl Scouts are busy all year long. While they’re attending troop meetings, exploring the outdoors, and working on badges, they’re also benefitting from a movement that will positively impact their lives in five key ways: creating a strong sense of self, instilling positive values, encouraging them to seek challenges, fostering healthy relationships, and encouraging problem-solving.

As a Girl Scout Sustainer, you can know that every time a local Girl Scout grows more confident, helps her community, overcomes an obstacle, makes a new friend, or finds a solution, you helped make it possible.

What Is a Girl Scout Sustainer?

Girl Scout Sustainers are a group of donors who support Girl Scouts- North Carolina Coastal Pines through automatic, monthly credit card donations of $10/month or more.

Why Become a Sustainer?

It’s easy:

As a Sustainer, there’s nothing for you to remember. Set up a donation once and have it run automatically each month. That’s it. And there’s no need to keep track of all your donations. GS-NCCP will send you a summary letter each year to use for your taxes.

It makes a bigger impact:

Girls are active with Girl Scouting every month of the year. Your monthly donation provides consistent, reliable support that lets us focus on delivering high-quality, affordable programs that build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. In addition, by donating a small, manageable amount each month, sustainers are often able to make a larger gift over time than they could by making a single donation.

It comes with perks:

As a thank-you for their loyal support, Girl Scout Sustainers receive:

  • Their names listed on the Girl Scout Sustainer webpage (donors may choose to be anonymous)
  • An infographic sent to them annually that details the impact of Girl Scout Sustainers’ donations
  • Entry into a quarterly drawing for random giveaways. Donors who don’t want their prize can choose to gift it to a volunteer or Gold Award Girl Scout
GS-NCCP Sustainers

Sustainers as of August 2021

Anonymous (x5)

David Auman

Cheryl Y. Burns

Carolyn Carroll

Jennifer Carter

Rebecca Daniels

Laura Lee Davis

Alison T. DeCinti

Keli Diewald

Paige Doster-Grimes

Victoria Downing-Watson

Lon Everett

Leslie Flood

Joanne Forbes

Linda Foreman

Jamie Gerald

Jenna Green

Kelly Griffin

Bonnie V. Hancock

Christina Harper

Margaret Haynes

Laura Heaney

Kristen Hess

Elizabeth Hubbe

Lauren Irving

Cindy Kelley-Deaton

Emily Kleinburg

Rebecca Kowalski

Caroline Knight

Deelynn Leigh

Elaine and John Loyack

Mary Malaythong

Matthew Markie

Deborah D. Menius

Lee O’Connell

Dora Owens

Cheri Pfeiffer

Laura Philpot

Katie Pohlman

Cassie Proper

Melissa Reed

Shellie Richardson

AnneMarie Sapko

Jennifer Smith

Cynthia Sortisio

Mary Strassel

Deborah Todd

Meta Trombley

Whitney von Haam

Kathryn Wall

Kathryn Wester

Allena Williams

Deborah Willis

Kelley Wilson

Trisha Wilson

Teresa Wimbrow

Lori Winkelstein



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