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Troop Trips

Every girl deserves a chance to see the world — whether exploring her own neighborhood, city, or the other side of the planet! We know planning trips can be challenging so we’ve created this page to outline Girl Scouts’ Trip and Travel Progression and share planning resources and exciting travel ideas for your troop or individual Girl Scout.

Trip and Travel Progression

Volunteers with limited travel experience probably aren’t ready to shepherd a group of 12+ girls through an airport. Likewise, not all girls will approach travel with the same comfort level or ability to follow rules while away from home. Troop co-leaders, troop volunteers, and girls need to start with small, local trips and work their way up to advanced, national or international travel.

Below you’ll find information on Girl Scouts’ Trip and Travel Progression. For a quicker, visual reference, download the Trip and Travel Progression Chart.

Explore More! Trip and Travel Guidebook & Training

The Explore More! Trip and Travel Guidebook includes tips and tools to support co-leaders and girls through all phases of the planning process as well as a recap of applicable Girl Scouts-North Carolina Coastal Pines guidelines and resources available at time of the publication. Troop co-leaders should use this guide in conjunction with Volunteer Essentials and all applicable Safety Activity Checkpoints.

The Explore More! Travel Training is a required online training for all troop co-leaders and trip lead volunteers planning to take girls to activities and locations away from the normal troop meeting location. This can include field trips to the local park, a day trip to a historical site or museum, a weekend camping trip, and of course travel out of the state and abroad. For maximum impact, it is best to complete this required training at least six-to twelve months before departure as the earlier you complete the training, the more you’ll be able to use the information.

The Explore More! Travel Training can be found on GS Learn.

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