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Mobile Program

Girl Scouts–North Carolina Coastal Pines’ Mobile Program is on a mission to provide program events and trainings for Girl Scouts and troop volunteers throughout our 41 counties that are “all girl!”. As a resource for troops, the mobile program brings fun and inviting program opportunities to our girls and models program delivery for troop volunteers.

Girl Scouts–North Carolina Coastal Pines’ two Mobile Program Units provide troops with new and imaginative programming in five main areas:


Tinkering Labs

While using the tinkering lab kits provided, girls use their imagination to solve different types of engineering challenges like creating a machine that can beat an egg or creating a machine that can write.

Makey Makey

Girls learn about insulators and conductors, create a piano drawing then use scratch programing to bring words to a drawing, create a switch, and attempt to play the game flappy birds.


In this session, girls earn parts of Girl Scouts’ robotic badges by learning about robots and how they function. Girls will get to code and run the robots thru mazes.


Here, girls learn what a binary number is, how to transform their birthday into a binary number, and make a binary number bracelet. They will work with programs and learn about Blockly before creating their own emoji to take home on a thumb drive.


In this session, girls complete several small experiments while learning about density, chemical reactions, polymers, and hypothesis.


Projects in this session are offered by age and include building a playground or a coaster car that goes down an incline, is wind powered, self-propelled, or catapults marshmallow flyers. This session is based off the Think like an Engineer Journey series.


In this program, girls earn requirements toward Girl Scout space and science badges. Activities range from a solar walk, creating a planisphere, creating a piece of galaxy art, turning their name into a constellation, learning space facts, and exploring the night sky through telescopes and binoculars.


Girls complete various experiment in physics to include hangtime and buoyancy.


Girls learn about cells and organisms by preparing a slide using onion skins and cheek swabs to view under a microscope and completing a fun, hands-on animal cell re-creation using food.

Financial Literacy

Mobile Cookie University

In this session, the mobile program team comes out and covers all of the safety points on cookie education and girls complete all of the requirements for the Cookie Pin and one of the Financial Literacy/Cookie badges for their grade-level.


The mobile program team helps to support our girl members in learning leadership skills by offering the following opportunities.

PA Core: Program aid training for Girl Scout Cadettes who have completed their LIA training and want to deepen their understanding of working with younger girls.

PA Specialties: Specialized training delivered in specific areas such as arts and crafts, songs and ceremonies, games, sports, and museum educator, after PA Core training has been completed.

GS Way Badges: Badge curriculum based on this legacy badge series can be delivered for all grade-levels.

Leadership Journey Badge Support: Program team support for the Innovation, Crafts, and Digital Media Journey Badges.

Healthy Living

In this program, Girls Scouts will learn about USDA’s My Plate program through hand-on activities, open discussions, games, and activities while creating three healthy snacks to eat. As a secondary portion of the program, leaders will choose one of the following discussion activities: stress, hygiene, or exercise. By completing these activities, Girl Scouts will be more confident in their daily lives and be better prepared to make healthy choices in both food and life.

Outdoor and Environmental

Mobile Outdoor Program: This multi-level program takes a “back to basics” approach to outdoor education. Girls will learn Trip Planning, Basic Knots, Fire Building, Trail Signs, Knife Safety, and Leave No Trace principles.

Mobile Environmental Program: In this session, girls learn the impact we have on our environment and how they can make the world a better place. Choose from the following:

Bugs Program: Girls will look at bugs under the microscope, go on a bug walk, do bug crafts, and make a bug snack!

WOW Program: Girls learn about the water cycle, complete a water layer experiment and make water cycle bracelets!

Interested in having our mobile program at your next troop meeting or event? Complete the Mobile Program Interest Form today!

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