Rent Our Facilities

Rent Our Facilities

Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines troops and groups can reserve a campsite at one of our four camps for year-round camping. Refer to our Camp Manual for more information and use the link below to reserve your campsite. Troops going overnight camping must be accompanied by at least one adult who has successfully completed Outdoor I and II trainings and at least one adult who is qualified to render First Aid.  Reserve your campsite!

First time using our reservation system? Read our reservation guide that includes how to apply for the use of a Council campsite! 

Troop Room at the Raleigh Service Center

Troops can also rent the Troop Room at the Raleigh Service Center. Outfitted with a kitchen, meeting room, bathrooms and shower facilities, it's the perfect place to start your adventures in the capital city. Complete your reservation today!

Not sure which camp to rent or what's available? Explore our camps to learn more!

Rent Camp Graham

Facilities Available Program Equipment Available
Dinning Hall Archery
Commercial Kitchen Sailing
Staff House Canoeing
Whippoorwill Tent Unit Kayaking
Kay McGavran Tent Unit Waterfront for swimming
Holly Hill Cabin Unit Low Ropes Course - coming soon
Trailblazer Cabin Unit  
Cardinal Cove Tent Unit (Staff Tents)  
CIT Cabin  
Encampment Field  
Cloverfield Unit (Tree Houses)  
Brightleaf Program Shelter (Cloverfield Unit)  

Reserve Camp Graham

Rent Camp Hardee

Facilities Available Program Equipment Available
Rotary Lodge Archery
Cabin 1 Sailing
Crisp Cabin Canoeing
Cabins 2-5 Kayaking
Cabin 6 Waterfront
Cabins 7-10 Swimming Pool
Craft & Davenport Shelters  
Encampment Field  

Reserve Camp Hardee

Rent Mu-Sha-Ni

Facilities Available Program Equipment Available
Chalfant Shelter Archery
Troop House Canoeing
Turkey Hallow Tent Unit Hiking Trails
Spotted Fawn Tent Unit Beaver & McBride's Ponds
Painted Tree Tent Unit  
Fox Squirrel Den Tent Unit  
Red Bird Tent Unit  
Blue Bird Tent Unit  
Encampment Field  

Reserve Camp Mu-Sha-Ni

Rent Camp Mary Atkinson

Facilities Available Program Equipment Available
Leadership Center Archery
Commercial Kitchen Canoeing
Program Building & Craft Shelter Kayaking
Staff House Waterfront (Swimming & Fishing)
Fox Leap Tent Unit Swimming Pool
Lady Slipper Tent Unit

Alpine Tower/Climbing Grotto

Owl Hollow Cabin Unit  
Raccoon Loft Cabin Unit  
CIT Tents  
Encampment Field  

Reserve Camp Mary Atkinson