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This Month with Girl Scouts: STEM

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Morehead Planetarium Overnighter Juniors

Entertainment Technology 101

GSK's Hands on Science Event

It's a Bug's Life!

Entertainment Technology 101

Morehead Planetarium Overnighter Brownies

The Sky's the Limit!

Digital Movie Maker 101

Its Not Non Sense!

Digital Movie Maker 101

Animal Habitats Overnighter

Big Explosions, Strong Gravity!

Girl Scouts Think Green

Breakfast with the Butterflies Mom and Me!

The Science of a Sleepover!

Entertainment Technology 101

NC Sparkle Day! - Jordan Lake

Junior Detective Overnighter

Lake Crabtree Fun AM

NC Sparkle Day! Jordan Lake

NC Sparkle Day! Jordan Lake

Reach for the Stars! Junior

Prairie Ridge Exploration Day

Citizen Science Series #1

Girls Go Tech! 02-01-14 Pitt County

Girls Go Tech! - 03-01-14 Pitt County

Product Designer - 02-01-14 Cumberland County

Aurora Fossil - 03-15-14 PM - Beaufort County

Reach for the Stars! - Brownies - 2-21-22-14

Home Scientist 03-01-14

The Sky's the Limit! - 3/22/14 Orange County

Engineer It! 03-01-14

Computer Expert - Durham

Digital Movie Maker (PM) 03-08-14

Einstein Girl - Wilson

Animal Habitats - Cumberland

Digital Movie Maker (AM) - 3/8/14 - Wake County

Geocacher - 03-09-14

Digital Movie Maker (PM) - 4/26/14 - Wake County

Geocacher - 03-08-14

All About BUGS! - 04-27-14

MarineQuest - 05-17-14

Big Explosions, Strong Gravity! - 04-26-27-14

Breakfast with the Butterflies - Mom and Me! 4-26-14

Can-Do Robotics - 4/5/14 - Pitt County

MarineQuest - 05-03-14

Digital Movie Maker - AM Session

Dolphin and Dune Adventure - 05-10-14

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