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New Leaders on the Block (NLOTB)

Tue Sep 14, 7:00 PM - Tue Jun 14, 8:00 PM EDT
Life Skills

NLOTB stands for New Leaders on the Block! Are you a co-leader/volunteer with less than 3 years of experience who would love to be mentored? New leaders are invited to meet with “seasoned” leaders the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m through June 2021. We will meet at the picnic tables at the Raleigh Service Center. If weather is an issue, we will meet indoors (upstairs). Meetings will be held “office hours” style. We want to support you. Bring your questions, issues, planning problems, start-up woes…! We will help you. During the meeting, we will also have an activity, craft or swap for you to bring back to your troop. Sign up on gsLearn via My GS. Don’t forget your TP106. We will collect these, then return them to you at the end of the meeting. Important: The purpose of this meeting is new volunteer support. Please make arrangements for children. You must be 18 years old to attend these meetings.

To register, go to gsLearn and sign up under Live Sessions from the menu on the left! Click here for instructions.

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