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Girls in Pitt County Received Girl Scout Leadership Programming in 2019

Girl Scouts is committed to providing all girls with opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive, and this is made possible by the generous partners of the Girl Scout Community Outreach Program. The Community Outreach Program extends Girl Scouting to girls from all backgrounds and circumstances so that every girl can participate in our programs. Thanks to the generous support of The Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation, Grady-White Boats, and Women for Women Pitt County, hundreds of Girl Scouts were served  through the Community Outreach Program in Pitt County in 2019.

The funding provided by donors to the Community Outreach Program allows girls to participate in Girl Scouts free of  charge at sites where girls naturally live, learn, and play, ensuring accessibility for all girls. Throughout the year, the girls participating in the program explored topics such as healthy living, self-confidence, anti-bullying, financial literacy, STEM, and more. This gave them the opportunity to learn and try new things outside of the classroom in a safe and supportive all-girl environment.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI), Girl Scouting has a substantial impact on girls’ abilities to step outside their comfort zones, manage healthy relationships, and be civically engaged in their communities, and 80% of Girl Scouts exhibit a strong sense of self. The Community Outreach Program allows girls to participate in activities that build their confidence and set them up for a lifetime of leadership and success.

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