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Registration is now Open for Rising Kindergartners to Join Girl Scouts

Starting kindergarten is a huge step—and Girl Scouts is here to help! Registration for Girl Scout troops for the 2018-19 program year with Girl Scouts—North Carolina Coastal Pines is now live. Kindergartners will be set up for a lifetime for success in a safe, all girl environment where she can try new things, learn to lead, and discover her passions, all while making new friends and having fun.

Kindergarteners will start out as Girl Scout Daisies (Ages 5-7) and will focus on earning their petals, which are the special Daisy version of badges earned by older Girl Scouts during their troop meetings. With programming in areas like leadership, STEM, and outdoors, girls get to explore new things and develop skills and passions that they never imagined. Whether it’s planting a garden to learn to grow her own delicious and healthy food, or putting on a skit at a local nursing home to brighten the days of others, Girl Scout Daisies are able to take the first steps in building courage, confidence, and character that they can use to blossom throughout future years with Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts recognizes that girls starting kindergarten can be a big step for parents as well! Girl Scouts provides a safe space for girls to take the lead and set goals for herself while parents can stand back and cheer her on. Girl Scouts also helps girls to perform better academically, and studies by the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) show that that Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to have positive expectations about their future. Parents have the unique opportunity to make this possible for girls by volunteering as troop co-leaders, chaperones, and more. An important component of leadership development is having positive role models who help girls to feel important and encourage them to pursue their goals, and Girl Scout volunteers make this all possible.

When girls start kindergarten, they are starting a new chapter in their life when it is more important than ever to try new things and have fun in a safe, girl led environment. To start her on this incredible journey, register her today. Parents can learn more about volunteering by visiting our website.

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