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Girl Scouts learn about the North Carolina Coast for the June Patch of the Month

This month, Girl Scouts are being encouraged to learn about the North Carolina Coast and explore the state’s coastal counties for the June Patch of the Month. The North Carolina Coast patch program is a combination of retired Know Your Coast and Coastal Carolina Living patches. The North Carolina Division of Coastal Management helped with the development of the Know Your Coast patch program, and Silver Award recipients Dane Sweitze and Crystal Roland helped design the Coastal Carolina Living patch program.

Through the North Carolina Coast patch program, Girl Scouts will be able to learn about the climate, culture, attractions, and animals of North Carolina’s coastal counties. Girls will research geography, create art, take a visit to one of the eight coastal counties in Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines council, interview a coastal resident, and Take Action to help the coastal environment. They will complete activities like mapping out the coast and marking notable locations like Kitty Hawk and lighthouses, spotting and learning about coastal animals, and more. Following the completion of the North Carolina Coast patch program, troops can choose the Know Your Coast patch, the Coastal Living patch, or both if they prefer.

Girl Scouts encourages girls to seek out adventure and new experiences. The “North Carolina Coast” patch programs gives girls the opportunities to learn more about the state they live in while Taking Action to help make the world a better place.

Learn more about how to participate in the June Patch of the month here: 

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