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Back to School with Girl Scouts

For many schools, the academic year is starting now, and so is the Girl Scout Program year. Girl Scout troops across Girl Scouts—North Carolina Coastal Pines are kicking off with meetings and program events that challenge girls to take the lead and learn new things while providing a support system to help them adjust to school starting.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI), Girl Scouts are more likely than other girls to earn excellent grades and expect that they will graduate from both high school and college, and this is because of the confidence gained and skills learned through the Girl Scout Leadership Program.

Girl Scouts inspires girls to step outside their comfort zone in a safe, all-girl environment, where they establish special bonds with their Girl Scout sisters as well as volunteers. Girls work together on a variety of Girl Scout activities, from earning badges to completing a service project that impacts their community. These experiences teach girls important teamwork skills and shows them the benefits of collaboration. Friendships forged with the Girl Scouts also help girls learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively, providing them with a support system in their fellow Girl Scouts and adult volunteers, so girls feel confident that they do not have to take on the challenges of academics on their own.

In addition to life-long friendships formed outside the classroom, Girl Scouts are also able to build upon the lessons learned in school when they learn by doing with Girl Scouts. With programming in STEM, the outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship, there is something for every girl at Girl Scouts. From building a model car for a Mechanical Engineering badge to learning how to cook outdoors for the Outdoor Adventurer badge, girls of all ages can have fun learning without the pressure of getting the grade. Through this programming, girls learn about their strengths and passions so that they can pursue educational interests and career paths that they will enjoy and be challenged by.

This year, 30 new badges were released, including many STEM badges and a college preparation badge. These programs provide girls with the tools and resources that they need to pursue their dreams and take risks with the support of their Girl Scout troop, both in school and in other activities. Additionally, girls are able to develop business and communication skills through product programs like the Girl Scout Cookie Program and Fall Product Program. By getting hands on experience and building leadership in a variety of areas through Girl Scout programming, girls are setting themselves up for a lifetime of leadership and success.

Interested in joining Girl Scouts and creating memories and building skills to last a lifetime? Visit today to find troops in your area or to attend a local recruitment event.

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