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There’s S’more in Store for the 2017 Cookie Program!

There’s a new Girl Scout Cookie coming to town when the 2017 Cookie Program kicks-off on January 14. With this year marking 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies, Girl Scouts are celebrating a century of the world’s largest girl-led business with the delicious unveiling of Girl Scout S’mores™ cookies. The new cookie joins classics such as Thin Mints™ and Shortbread™ in helping girls learn important financial literacy skills while funding once-in-a-lifetime leadership experiences. 

Participating in the Girl Scout Program is a long-held and cherished tradition for girls, families, volunteers, and customers. For the last century, Girl Scouts have been using the power of the cookie to help build everyday leaders and make the world a better place. From traveling to new places like Europe or Costa Rica to funding community service projects and philanthropy efforts, to attending skill-building programs in STEM, financial literacy, healthy living, and environment stewardship - the Girl Scout Cookie Program supports girls on their path to leadership while broadening their experiences and opportunities.

Every year, millions of Girl Scouts around the country gain valuable, essential life skills. Each day, Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines prepares girls to empower themselves for a lifetime of everyday leadership and it all starts with a box of Girl Scout Cookies.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins on Saturday, January 14, 2017. Girl Scouts will sell cookies door-to-door, at booths, and online through Digital Cookie 2.0 powered by COCO Direct, an online platform enabling girls to sell cookies through personalized websites and e-marketing efforts.

For more information on the Girl Scouts Cookie Program, please visit our website.


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