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The Girl Scout Fall Product Program is Here!

Something sweet is on its way – it’s the Girl Scout Fall Product Program! The Fall Product Program, a sister to the Girl Scout Cookie Program, is a financial literacy program geared towards providing girls with the essentials to grow and developed new skills. Girl Scouts will develop five new essential skills include goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

The program is a great opportunity for girls and their troops to earn start-up funds for this program year to help fund lifechanging leadership adventures. While developing new skills including e-commerce, girls will sell magazine subscriptions (new and renewal) and very popular nuts and candies to friends and families both face-to-face- and through an online secured program. 

Last year’s Fall Product Program saw an 11% increase in sales and 9% increase in girl participation, which allowed girls to embrace their newly developed entrepreneurial spirit. During the program, Girl Scouts across central and eastern North Carolina also collected donations for the council’s Treats for Troop program. The Treats for Troops program that takes place during the Fall Product Program and allows customers to purchase treats for deployed and returning military personnel, in addition to their own. Girl Scouts deliver the donations to the USO of North Carolina at RDU in December, which will provide military men and women with delicious treats while traveling through the airport as they leave and return home during the holiday season. Last year, Girl Scouts donated almost 2,500 units of nuts and candies to the USO of North Carolina at RDU allowing girls to continuously show their support and thank military personnel. 

When girls participate in the Fall Product Program they are able to build up their leadership skills while making a difference in the world. Whether they are making donations to Treats for Troops, using funds from the program to travel to new places, started a community service project, or attending a skill-building council-sponsored event – the Fall Product Program allows girls to broaden their experiences, while developing every day essential skills. 

This year’s program also featured enhanced technology applications to help girls develop e-commerce and marketing skills such as designing a virtual storefront and digital avatar, creating marketing content including emails and videos, personalized messages, and tracking their goals online. With the help of their parents/guardians, girls can send emails to family and friends around the country to earn the Explore Your Dreams patch.

The Fall Product Program kicked off on October 1 and face-to-face sales will end on October 22. Customers can still place orders online – a perfect gift for the holiday season - through November 12. 

To learn more about the Girl Scouts’ Fall Product Program, visit

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