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Rising Trend: How to Raise Brave Girls

When most people think of Girl Scouts they think of cookies, camping, and friendship. Although, Girl Scouts provides girls with amazing opportunities through selling America’s favorite cookies, new skill sets through camping trips, and a lifetime of friendship – Girl Scouts also provides girls with a safe place to try to new things and to overcome their fears.

Through the welcoming and supportive Girl Scout community girls are encouraged to face challenges and take healthy risks in a safe environment while building skills like resiliency, strength, and courage. They learn to pick themselves up after fall, to never give up, and to encourage others to bravely take the lead. According the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) girls who participate in Girl Scout programming say they have received concrete benefits from Girl Scouting, such as having a safe place to try new things. Actively recognize the impact that Girl Scouting has had on their lives, three-quarters of Girl Scout alumnae report that the Girl Scout experience had a positive impact on their lives in general.

Girl Scouts is uniquely positioned as the best girl leadership experience in the world focusing on helping every G.I.R.L. (Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, and Leaders)™ shine. When a girl joins Girl Scouts she will dive into the Girl Scout Leadership Experience where she will be guided by encouraging volunteers to take the lead, explore her potential, and build her bravery. She’ll be lifted up, cheered on, and supported along her path to leadership. Girl Scouts offers inclusive programming to girls where they learn best - in an all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environment. For over a century, Girl Scouts has provided innovative and transformative opportunities for girls to build their courage, confidence, and character while making the world a better place.

The desire to raise brave girls is not new, but is on the rise. Ted Talks from Caroline Paul and Reshma Sauani tout the benefits for girls and our world when we encourage girls to be bold, to seek out adventures, and to carve out their own unique path. However, girls still struggle with embracing this concept and challenging the status quo. According to a 2014 study by Keds and Girls Leadership, only half of the girls sampled thought of themselves as a brave person. Another third say they wish they were brave.

Girl Scouts offers every girl a chance to practice a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success all while becoming a strong and courageous individual, who isn’t afraid to discover something new.

Everything a Girl Scout does centers around the four pillars: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), the outdoors, development of life skills, and entrepreneurship, and is designed to meet her where she is now and to grow along with her. Whether she’s coding her first app, exploring what it means to be a global citizen, completing a service project or packing for her first hike, a Girl Scout has an exciting array of choices for her to break the norm at any age.

Because of the unique opportunities, Girl Scouts provides, girls have the chance to try new things and to bravely explore passions and interests that may be unfamiliar. Let’s help all girls become brave, resilient leaders who will help change our world for the better! To learn more about Girl Scouts or find a troop near you, visit our website at 

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