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Local Girl Scouts Take on New Adventures by Exploring the Outdoors

This summer Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines invites all girls to dive into a whole new world of outdoor activities and adventures at Girl Scout summer camp. Girls will work together to steer a canoe, ride the perfect waves, raft mountain rivers, zip line through forest canopies, and cheer on their friends as they challenge themselves to try new things.

Girl Scout summer camp provides girls with new opportunities to think outside as they learn about environmental stewardship, use creative and artistic talents to explore nature, and develop confidence as they explore the outdoors.  

Meet Girl Scout Lilli Bartos. This adventure seeker took advantage of three of the many adventure trips offered through Girl Scout camp. Bartos hiked the Appalachian Trial when she signed up for Footprints in the Clouds, explored nature when she went to Shenandoah National Park, and took to the trails of the Pisgah National Forest through the Llama Trek. These adventure trips not only exposed Bartos to the many wonders of the great outdoors, but also fostered lifelong friendships with fellow campers while learning important life skills like teamwork, collaboration, and leadership.

“Each adventure provided us with life lessons that were learned through experiences,” Bartos said. “By working as a team, we were able to set our tents, cook our meals, and pass time together doing many things. I have become more confident and I appreciate the beauty and challenges that the outdoors and natural beauty can provide us. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience has been terrific.”

Through Girl Scout camp, girls have many opportunities to seek new adventures whether it’s her first time away from home or heading out one of the many adventure trips offered including: hitting the trails of the Pisgah National Forest with the help of llamas to carry their gear, rafting down the river in West Virginia, rock climbing on natural rock face then going on a caving expedition in Eastern Tennessee, heading to the coast to zip line through the canopy, and so much more! 

Girl Scout summer camp is open to all girls, whether or not she is a Girl Scout member, and is filled with amazing adventures that build girls of courage, confidence, and character. There is something for every girl to enjoy when she takes on the adventure at any of the Girl Scout summer resident and adventure camps located throughout central and eastern North Carolina. 

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