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Girl Scouts Supports Girls in Discovering New Interests

With the 21st century job market ever evolving and expanding, today’s girls need opportunities to develop important career and work-related skills to help them discover their interests. Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines provides girls in grades kindergarten through 12 with opportunities to get hands-on experiences that expose them to the vast and exciting world of many careers.

Through Girl Scouts, girls discover who they are and what they care about, connect with others locally and globally, and take action to make the world a better place. Whether a girl wants to be an astronaut, veterinarian, or a fashion designer, Girl Scouts provides unique leadership and life opportunities that allow a girl to discover her passions, learn more about what it takes to succeed in those areas, and develop the real-world skills needed to make her dreams a reality.

The Girl Scouts Research Institute (GSRI) found that 98% of girls want to have a job or career when they grow up. The GSRI also found that most girls expect to be independent and financially empowered, see few gender barriers in their way, and have high expectations for their future financial lives. However, there still exist important gaps and parents and other significant adults can play a powerful role by providing a supportive setting for girls to achieve their goals, including joining a Girl Scout troop.

By providing hands-on learning career experiences, girls develop a better understanding of the workforce and a richer understanding around the importance setting goals, money and finances, and expectations in a work place. Many girls carry these lessons and experiences as they influence and shape their leadership experience both as a Girl Scout and as member of society.

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines offers girls once-in-a-lifetime experiences all while having fun in a safe, girl-only, and girl-led environment.

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