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Girl Scouts Provide Cutting Edge Technology Skills and Trainings for Today’s Girl

Modern technology has shaped the world we live in. We carry computers in our pockets, download content in seconds, and connect with those we love across the nation and across the world with a touch of a button (or a voice activated command!). The advancement of technology opens up a wide range of professional and academic opportunities for today’s youth, especially girls. With 77% of girls reporting an interest in pursuing technology careers, according to Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines is providing even more opportunities for girls to learn in-demand skill sets, pursue their passions in technology fields, and develop important leadership skills.

As January 6, 2017 marks National Technology Day, a day that celebrates technology and all it has given us throughout time, Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines is continuing to embrace technology as a non-profit organization while also developing programs for girls focused on building technology knowledge and skills. 

With an emphasis on STEM programming – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines is hosting events in 2017 like Entertainment Technology, I’m an Inventor, and Radical Robots where girls learn their way around technology by getting hands on experience at these interactive workshops. Girls also get to explore the world of technology through Daisy, the council’s mobile program vehicle, which is outfitted with several technology stations where girls learn computer programming, video and photo editing, and much more. Through Daisy, the council provides opportunities to troops in underserved and rural areas that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore and learn about technology in a hands-on way. Daisy has helped serve 2,876 Girl Scouts and 795 troop volunteers across 30 counties in central and eastern North Carolina.

STEM and Daisy aren’t the only Girl Scout programming that inspire girls to get involved with technology – the Girl Scout Cookie Program, celebrating 100 years in 2017 and is the world’s largest girl-led business, has incorporated technology within the iconic program. Girl Scouts launched Digital Cookie, a national platform enabling girls to sell cookies through personalized cookie websites. Girls utilize an online business center as part of digital platform powered by COCOdirect to set and track goals, manage their cookie activities, and even accept orders through smartphones and tablets. Digital Cookie strengthens and expands the Girl Scout Cookie Program by combining the values and lessons of door-to-door and booth sales with crucial twenty-first-century business and entrepreneurial skills, sustaining the Girl Scout tradition of preparing today’s girls to be tomorrow’s leaders.

By incorporating technology into Girl Scout programming, girls develop new skills whether they are selling cookies, engineering robots, programming computers, or learning how to use binary code. Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines has prioritized technology in an effort to help girls narrow this gap. As one of its main program initiatives, Girl Scouts provides opportunities for girls to enhance their exposure to and deepen their engagement in technology fields.

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