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Girl Scouts Helps Girls Scout Out Their Passions

As an adult, some of our most memorable moments are from times when we felt thrilled, proud, accomplished, and confident during our childhood. Those memories might include the first point you scored during a basketball game, the time you placed first during a competition, or that time you were recognized for your great accomplishments. These memories helped build you into the person you are today by instilling courage, confidence, and character.

According to Girl Scouts Chief Girl Expert, Developmental Psychologist Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald, “Out-of-school experiences help girls develop real skills like teamwork and perseverance—skills that she’ll need to do well in school and throughout her life.”

And Girl Scouts is here to help!

Offering hands-on, girl-led, girl-centered learning in STEM, the outdoors, and entrepreneurship, and abundant opportunities to develop invaluable life skills, Girl Scouts helps all girls take the lead early and often. Girl Scouts is a great option for girls wanting to explore new interests. With its data-backed, time-­tested programs, Girl Scouts is designed to meet the unique needs and specific interests of girls, including the way they learn best.

When a girl joins Girl Scouts, she’ll discover new interests and passions, engage in new challenges, and take action to change the world – all while making memories and friendships for a life time.

Girl Scouts provides many options for girls looking to scout out their passions, including helpful tips and tricks for parents looking to set them up for success.

  • Explore Your Options: There is so much for girls to get involved with at Girl Scouts. Whether it’s becoming a business leader while selling Girl Scout Cookies, taking on new challenges and adventures during a camping trip, or breaking down gender barriers when it comes to STEM. Girl Scouts offers amazing opportunities for girls to explore. 
  • Ask these questions: What does your girl like? Is she an adventurer seeker? Is she entrepreneur? Is she looking to make a change in the world? By asking yourself questions, it can make a difference when helping her discover her interests.


  • Keep her interested: If you’re girl isn’t into an activity or program maybe she isn’t being challenged enough or perhaps it’s just not the right match. Tell her you are proud of her for trying something new and help her recognize her unique interests.


While girls may be exposed to these different subjects at school, in other youth programs, or even on her own, at Girl Scouts she’ll experience them in a unique way that puts her on a path to a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success. And because Girl Scouts is girl-led, girls decide what they’ll do, together.

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines offers girls once-in-a-lifetime experiences all while having fun in a safe, girl-only, and girl-led environment. Troops are forming in now for girls K-12. To learn more how to claim her spot, visit or call 800-284-4475.

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