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Girl Scouts Celebrate Founder’s Day

Girl Scouts has been around over 100 years - 105 years to be exact. As the largest girl-led, girl only organization for girls K-12 that didn’t come easy for founder, Juliette Gordon Low. But after much persistent, courage, and confidence, Low was able to set the organization up for the success it has reached today. 

Every October 31, Girl Scouts across the country reflect and pay tribute to the bold and courageous woman who started it all – Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low- who was born on this day in 1860. Determined to provide programming to girls that led them on new adventures and encouraged them to build new skills, Daisy started the first Girl Scout troop in 1912. During this time, women could still not legally vote, many women were not able to own property or even work outside the home. Low envisioned a Movement that would inspire girls to believe in their abilities, develop leadership skills, and build their courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place. 

Over the next decade, Daisy dedicated her life to recruiting and training volunteers and traveling to Europe to acquire materials and needed support the Girl Guides Movement. Just eight years after the Girl Scouts Movement was launched their membership had swelled to 82,000 members – with the thousands more wanting to join. 

Today, Girl Scouts has over 2.6 million members and provides one-of-a-kind proven leadership development programming that pairs girls with strong caring role models and mentor who prepare them to take the lead like G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader) ™ every day. Girl Scouts offers an inclusive, single-gender environment in a safe space which girls are free to explore their potential and take the lead without the distractions or pressures that can be found in a coed environment. 

Girl Scouts is rooted in their groundbreaking, leadership heritage—starting with Low and continuing today. The major moments of Girl Scouts’ history show that the G.I.R.L. attitude and attributes have been part of the Girl Scout DNA since the beginning. As the founder, Low was breaking the mold and solving a problem in society by creating an outlet for girls to develop leadership skills. She made personal sacrifices along the way and took dramatic steps to help the organization grow. And she demonstrated the epitome of leadership through empathy, passion, and advocacy. 

Juliette Gordon Low truly was the ultimate and the original, go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader. And that’s why every October 31, Girl Scouts celebrate Founder’s Day in honor of her birthday. This year marks the 157th birthday of Juliette Gordon Low. 

With Girl Scouts, every girl has the opportunity to lead. Girl Scouts welcomes all girls to join the preeminent organization dedicated to helping all girls build courage, confidence, and character. To learn more, visit

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