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Girls Explore STEM at TechnoQuest 2016

What’s more exciting than becoming a crime scene investigator for a day and going into the lab to help solve the mystery? Or what about extracting DNA from the cells of your own cheek?! On Saturday, November 12, over 150 middle and high school Girl Scouts helped break down gender barriers in highly male dominated fields by attending the annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) event, TechnoQuest held at Meredith College.

TechnoQuest is an event designed to promote girls’ confidence and skills across STEM fields as girls discover, create, solve, and become encouraged to bridge the existing gender gap within these male-dominant career fields. Throughout the course of the day, the girls attended workshops such as Lego Robotics where they were hands-on building a robot from the ground up, Mystery of the Missing Mayor where girls became a crime scene investigators for the day and went into the lab to help solve the case of the missing mayor - using science, including blood typing, hair and fingerprint analysis, and estimating the timing of the crime to explain the mystery, Binary Bling! — where they earned how computers and the internet transmit data (like Snapchats and Instagram posts) using binary code, along with many more engaging workshops. These workshops promoted inventiveness and creative thinking, and developed more technical science and math skills through real world applications.

Girl Scouts- North Carolina Coastal Pines (GS-NCCP) had the opportunity to engage in hands-on STEM activities, experiments, attend workshops while engaging with female leaders in science and technology fields. GS-NCCP has prioritized STEM in an effort to help girls narrow this gap. As one of its main program initiatives, Girl Scouts provides opportunities, like TechnoQuest for girls to enhance their exposure to and deepen their engagement in STEM fields.

A second TechnoQuest is planned in for spring 2017 and will be held at East Carolina University. Registration is currently open!