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Girl Scout CONNECT! – World Thinking Day, February 22

Girl Scouts is 2.7 million strong – 2.7 million girls and adults who believe girls can change the world.  And believe it or not, that’s just here in the United States. The Girl Scout Movement extends internationally across the globe, including both Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, and represents ten million girls and young women from 146 countries. Together, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides are a powerful force.

On February 22 of each year, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides celebrate World Thinking Day – that’s one big celebration. This special day is all about appreciating the Girl Guide and Girl Scout experience, and to show the world how it amazing it is to be part of the Movement. A tradition since 1926, World Thinking Day focuses on global connections among girls and celebrates diversity, friendship, and international understanding.

“World Thinking Day provides girls an opportunity to celebrate international diversity and also serves as a reminder that Girl Scouts is part of a global community,” said Lisa Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines. “By encouraging girls to think globally today, we are helping to develop tomorrow's decision makers and world leaders."

This year’s theme is Connect, which allows Girl Scouts to explore and celebrate the meaningful connections that make our lives better – whether to the people closest to them, to a place they care about, or to Girl Guide or Girl Scout friends on the other side of the world. Girl Scouts often engage in events or activities to learn about new cultures, or researching a country of their choosing. These celebrations often include learning about the food, clothing, and customs of different countries around the globe. 

World Thinking Day is not only a great opportunity to rally the global sisterhood around a particular theme—it’s also a chance to support girls as they travel internationally and take action globally.  In honor of World Thinking Day, communities are encouraged to reflect on the importance of building international connections among youth, and consider support Girl Scouts today.