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66 Extraordinary Projects form Extraordinary Girls

At Girl Scouts, we know that girls want to do good things for the world. Help the people who need it the most. Protect animals that can’t speak for themselves. Treat the environments with the respect it deserves. Girl Scouts have great ideas – ones that can make a listing difference. 

The Girl Scout Gold Award provides the opportunity for girls to turn their big ideas into reality and help change the world, or at least their corner of it. During 2014, Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines was honored to bestow Girl Scouting’s highest honor on 66 Girl Scouts, each having taken action on an issue in their community and providing a project with sustainable benefits.

“I am so proud of the accomplishments of each of these Girl Scouts,” stated Lisa Jones, CEO at Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines. “I am confident that the work they have done in their communities to earn the Gold Award will inspire further success in their lives as they move forward to college, careers, and a life built upon the principle of taking action to make their world a better place.”

As the Girl Scouts forge ahead into 2016, which marks the 100th anniversary of the Gold Award, we are proud to reflect on the rich history of this honor. In the last century, approximately one million Girl Scouts have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent. The Girl Scout experience and the receipt of the Gold Award have proven to have lasting impact on young women.

According to research by the Girl Scout Research Institute, Gold Award recipients are more ambitious and place a greater emphasis on a successful career, being a leader, and having financial security. Over 90 percent of Girl Scout Gold Award recipients believe they have had experiences in Girl Scouts they could not have had anywhere else.

Girl Scouts – NC Coastal Pines’ Gold Award recipients are also eligible to apply for the Jane S. Barringer Award and the Misty Crabtree Eastham Memorial Scholarship, two college scholarships awarded by the Council. The scholarships are given in honor and memory of two lifelong Girl Scouts who displayed a sense of selflessness, generosity, drive and determination, all of which are present within the girls who achieve the Gold Award.

Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines will honor the 66 award winners at celebrations in Greenville, Raleigh, and Wilmington throughout the summer. This year’s scholarship recipients will also be recognized at the Gold Award celebrations.

Check out our 2014 Girl Scout Gold Award Booklet to read about the distinguished young women who completed and earned their Girl Scout Gold Award.