Service Unit Teams

You belong to a network of hundreds of adults who share an important commitment: supporting and guiding Girl Scout volunteers on the local level. Now you can prepare yourself to be a more successful administrative/service unit team member. Whether you've just joined your area team or are a Girl Scout volunteer veteran, we offer lots of great online resources to fill your toolbox and make this the best year ever! With easy and convenient online access to role specific materials, guides, manuals, and more, you will have plenty of support and resources at your fingertips! 


Service Unit Team Roles and Resources

Area Cookie Coordinator
Area Event Director

New Area Event Director Training

Required training for all new Area Event Directors; optional for membership directors and service unit managers.

Prerequisite: Volunteer Essentials

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Area Event Director Recertification

Required training for all Area Event Directors who completed the Area Event Director Training prior to August 2018; optional for membership directors and service unit mangers.

Prerequisite: Volunteer Essentials

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Fill out the Intent to Plan an Area Event Form

Fill out the Area Event Final Report Form

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Area Fall Product Coordinator
Area Recognitions Coordinator
Area Treasurer
Girl Scouts Give Champion
Media Coordinator
School Captain
Service Unit Manager
Troop Mentor
Troop Mentor Coordinator
Troop Recruiter


Workshops, Webinars and Enrichments for Service Unit Team Volunteers

Mastered the required trainings and looking for something new? Enjoy these additional opportunities for learning and growth in a service unit role.

Service Unit Admin Team Webinars

Our service unit webinars are designed to keep our administrative teams up-to-date on council news, events, activities, and more! These webinars will share the latest updates and also provide an opportunity for volunteers to ask questions and offer feedback. 

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Council-Level Adult Awards and Recognitions Webinars

Nominate a deserving volunteer from your area to be recognized at the council’s Annual Adult Recognitions and Awards Luncheon for their outstanding service. Learn how at an upcoming council-level adult awards and recognitions webinar. Webinars will be available starting in September 2019.

Service Unit Meeting Programs and Enrichments

Area and service unit meeting planning just got even easier! The learning and development team and council staff have joined together to provide service units with a catalog of programs to choose from for your next meeting. Will it be an Enrichment or a Lead 'n Learn? You choose! 

What is a Service Unit Enrichment Workshop?

An enrichment workshop is designed to provide knowledge, skills, and personal development opportunities at your area meeting. These 30-60 minute interactive programs are developed and presented by council staff.

What is a Lead ‘n Learn Quick Guide?

A Lead ‘n Learn Quick Guide contains all the information needed to lead a short, interactive presentation or discussion on a variety of Girl Scout topics. These 15-20 minute sessions provide bursts of learning and can be easily facilitated by a member of your team using the information provided.

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