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Safety and First Aid2

Safety and First Aid

At Girl Scouts, safety is always a top priority. Girl Scout safety guidelines are shared during training and orientation and can be found in Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints. As part of our commitment to safety, we offer a variety of first aid trainings throughout the year for volunteers to gain required certifications easily and affordably. We take safety seriously, so if you ever need assistance or have a question, please know that we are always available and happy to help.


Required Safety and First Aid Trainings

Girl Scouts requires at least one First Aid/CPR/AED certified adult volunteer accompany a troop/group on an overnight, or troop activities held outside the normal meeting space. These adults are often referred to as the troop first aider. 

First Aid/CPR/AED Training

A troop first aider is a volunteer who has successfully completed first aid and CPR training through one of the following Girl Scout approved programs:  American Red Cross, National Safety Council, MEDIC FirstAid, or the American Heart Association. 

Through the council's First Aid Training Program, volunteers can receive First Air/CPR certification by successfully completing one of our American Red Cross or National Safety Council approved courses.

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Council-Sponsored First Aid/CPR/AED Training Courses

Click on each of the council-sponsored safety courses below to determine which is the best fit for you and the members on your team. Remember, safety is the utmost priority, so having more than one safety trained adult is recommended. Visit our Activities page to register for upcoming First Aid/CPR/AED trainings.

First Aid/CPR/AED Course

This in-person, instructor-led course combines lecture, practice, and skill testing to teach participants how to recognize emergencies, care for injuries or illnesses, and perform CPR until professional help arrives.

First Aid/CPR/AED Blended Learning

This course combines a minimum of 2 ½ hours online course work completed prior to attending the 2 ½ hour in-person, instructor-led practice and skill testing session.


First Aid/CPR/AED Challenge

The purpose of the challenge course is to provide participants the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skill competency outside of a formal class setting. Participants have sole responsibility to prepare for the knowledge and skill evaluations. Anyone is eligible to participate in a challenge course however, participants who do not possess current American Red Cross certification (or equivalent) may participate in a challenge course only once.

Adult and Child First Aid/CPR/AED Recertification

This course is open to all registered adult members who hold a current American Red Cross certificate (or equivalent) that will expire within 30 days prior of the recertification course. The course gives participants the opportunity to review course content within a formal class setting before the knowledge and skill tests.

Wilderness and Remote First Aid (WRFA)

This course meets council requirements for adult volunteers to serve as a Level 2 First Aider and is open to all registered adults who currently hold an American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or National Safety Council Adult and Child First Aid/CPR/AED Certification. WRFA provides individuals with a foundation of first aid principles and skills in order to respond to emergencies and give care in areas 30 minutes or more away from local emergency medical services (EMS) response. This includes wilderness and remote environments, including urban disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.


First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Trainer Academy

We are proud of our volunteers who help us facilitate our first aid training program and are always looking to add volunteer instructors to the team. Once certified, we ask volunteer facilitators to teach a minimum of two (2) First Aid/CPR/AED courses per year. 

Contact the Volunteer Experience team to learn more about becoming a First Aid/CPR/AED instructor.

First Aider Self Reporting Form

If you are currently certified by one of the Girl Scout approved First Aid/CPR agencies listed above, or are a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, paramedic, military medic, or emergency medical technician, you already qualify to be listed as a troop first aider! 

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Health & Safety Resources

Looking for more safety resources? We've got you covered. 

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