Volunteer Spotlight: Myra W. Robeson County

Family and community are extremly important to Myra W., a Girl Scout volunteer from Robeson County. She first joined Girl Scouts to spend time with her daughter, but quickly found joy and satisfaction in helping other girls in her community. Her passion for community service lead her to an impressive list of Girl Scout volunteer roles including Troop Leader, Troop Cookie Manager, Delegate, Area Fall Sale Manager, Family Partnership Campaign Manager...the list goes on! 

As active member of our Girl Scout family, it's easy to see why Myra would be selected as our Volunteer Spotlight! Keep reading to learn more about how Myra got involved with Girl Scouts and the role it plays in her and her daughter's lives. 

How did you first get involved with Girl Scouts?

I was recruited as a Troop Leader in 2007 when I wanted to get my daughter invovled in Girl Scouts.

What is the best part of being a Girl Scout Volunteer?

The best part is interacting with girls from a variety of backgrounds. I like to learn about their goals and interests. I enjoy helping them find their way and exploring new pathways.

Why is volunteering with Girl Scouts important to you?

It is a joy to help a girl have an experience that she might not have had without Girl Scouts. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that I'm making a difference in a girl's life.

How do you fit volunteering in with your schedule?

Wow! Our troop is SO active. Each week I plan our activities and I work with the girls so that we have a schedule that works for all of us.

Thank you to Myra for being an outstanding volunteer and sharing her story with us! Do you have an hour, a week or a year to spare? Then join Myra and become a Girl Scout volunteer. No matter how much time you can give, it all starts with you. Join us today!