Volunteer Spotlight: Dora O., Chatham County

Girl Scout Volunteer, Dora O. is the kind of person that inspires change and meets challenges. Working with Girl Scouts over the years, Dora has held a number of volunteer positions within our council including Troop Leader, Service Unit Manager, Area Delegate, and Learning Facilitator. Her dedication to helping girls challenge themselves, learn leadership, and build confidence drives her to give back to her community through Girl Scouts.

Read more about Dora's experience with Girl Scouts in our Volunteer Spotlight below!

How did you first get involved with Girl Scouts?

I was in Girl Scouts as a Brownie and a Junior, but left the movement then.  When a number of parents of sisters of Boy Scouts told me they could not find a troop for their daughters, I was one of the leaders who founded a troop in Pittsboro to meet that need.

What is the best part of being a Girl Scout Volunteer?

The best part is spending time with the girls.

Why is volunteering with Girl Scouts important to you?

There are very few places that girls get an opportunity to challenge themselves and learn leadership and group governance without competing with boys. Girl Scouting is one place that girls can do these things, and I do not want girls to be denied these opportunities.

A big thanks to Dora, for helping us bring the Girl Scout Experience to girls in the Chatham County area. Join us and Dora and become a Girl Scout Volunteer and help us grow today's girls into tomorrow's leaders!