100th Anniversary History Committee

Our 100th Anniversary Exhibit is at the N.C. Museum of History until Jan. 2013!

In celebration of 100 years of  Girl Scouting, Girl Scouts -- North Carolina Coastal Pines, took on the task of creating a museum exhibit to showcase Girl Scouting in North Carolina.  In the fall of 2011, a special committee of women was  formed  whose work resulted in our inpiriational exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History and in the many history trunks now circulating throughout the council. This hardy band of curators spent countless hours poring over scrapbooks and photo albums, scrutinizing endless stacks of newspapers and clippings, and lovingly tracing the provenance of any number of mementos and artifacts.

The result is that girls can now see first-hand our history as a movement and as a council – and even more important – we now  all  have a much better sense of where we came from and of the many women and girls who made us what we are today.

Our thanks go to Amanda Weir-Gertzog, chair, and her committee members:

Jane Barringer, Becky Byrns, Shelley Colvin, Kathryn David, Susan Dellay, Gwendolyn Grace, Gayle Keresey, Linda Nagel, Donie Oldham, Jillian Pikora, Stephanie Pikora, Rebecca Taylor, Lori Winkelstein