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Invite a Friend

Know someone that would make an AWESOME troop leader? Invite them to become a Girl Scout Troop leader in December or January and you'll both be rewarded!

Girls need more heroes like you—fun, courageous, and always there—to help them shine like never before.

When you invite a friend to start a new Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, or Junior troop through January 31, 2017, everyone wins!


Here is how to get started:


Invite a friend to become a Girl Scout co-leader of a new troop. They can register here.


Once your friend is registered and is ready to start his/her new troop, then you can complete our online form that lets us know you're both ready to claim your rewards!


Once we've confirmed eligbility, you'll both receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to claim the $50 gift card (for you!) and $50 worth of Girl Scout resources to get started (for your friend!).


Have questions or need help? Email Allison Winans, Recruitment Executive.

By participating you are agreed to the Terms and Conditions. Offers Ends 1/31/17.