Adult Training

With us, the fun of learning never stops! As your go-to resource for all things Girl Scouts, we’ve outlined the required trainings, enrichment opportunities, and much more needed to keep the good times rolling. You can also refer to our Adult Training and Enrichment Guide to find the right opportunities for you!


Volunteer Essentials
You’re essential – that’s why we created Volunteer Essentials. After completing registration, this training (offered online and in-person) introduces you to Girl Scouts here in North Carolina. Ready to get started? Complete the online training module and then fill out the training completion form so that we can get you on your way to a year full of fun or contact Volunteer Services to schedule your face-to-face training!



First Aid/CPR
Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our girls.  First Aid/CPR training is a requirement for every troop so that everyone can be safe while having the fun adventures together. Click here to view our First Aid/CPR training courses to get started.


Outdoor Skills
Love the great outdoors? Us too. To take advantage of all the super fun outdoor activities we have planned (as well as book field trips and troop outings) you’ll need at least one adult per troop to complete Outdoor Skills training. Check out our outdoor trainings and select one that works for you.


Role Specific Training (Online)
We're excited to introduce our new online training videos for those holding specific volunteer roles. From our Mentor Coordinator/New Troop Mentor to our Program Coach volunteer roles, use our online video training to get started!


Girl Scouting 101
Hit the ground running with this fun and information online training. Don’t forget to use the password: aboutGS101 to get started.


Enrichment Workshops
Looking to learn more about an aspect of Girl Scouting? Let’s do it! Our Enrichment Workshops are held regularly and topics vary. Past workshops have covered badges, songs, crafts, ceremonies and bridging, games and more. See what trainings are being offered now.


Girl Scouts Leadership Experience
Learn more about what Girl Scouts is all about – providing leadership opportunities to help grow and support the next generation of female leaders. Be in the know when it comes to Journeys, ways to participate, and what girls are gaining from the Girl Scout program. Click here to get started.


Volunteering for Girl Scouts Series & Events
For volunteers that want to share a specific skill set or expertise with girls in our community, we have the perfect enrichment opportunity. Similar to Girl Scouting 101, this online and free training is for volunteers who are participating in series (multiple day events) or single day events.

Questions, comments, ideas? We can’t wait to hear from you.

Have a question? Or maybe a suggestion for a new training? Contact Volunteer Services to have your voice heard.