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Citizen Science Series: Sow What?

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Sat Nov 08, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Durham Hub Farm Map
Science & Technology
Seniors and Ambassadors, Cadettes
Durham County

Do you know where your food comes from? No, it’s not the grocery store, it comes from farms and gardens ALL OVER THE WORLD. How does growing food impact the soil, water, and air around them? And how does the environment change the amount of food that can grow? Find out what farmers and scientists do to produce food without doing a lot of environmental damage.  Topics include soils, water quality, erosion, plant health and growth, and investigations into different cultures and foods. Come learn about agronomy (the science of growing food sustainably) by participating in a real live research trial on a local educational farm. You will be harvesting crops, planting new ones, and participating in hands on projects.  You will also be visiting local biotech companies. Learn about the impact that producing food has on the environment, and be the scientists working to feed the planet and save the world.   Application deadline is September 15.